Suangdoh villagers celebrate water supply scheme inauguration


LAMKA, August 1: A water supply scheme was inaugurated today at Suangdoh village approximately 50 km from the Lamka Town by Singat MLA GS Haupu.

The water supply scheme was constructed under the National Rural Drinking Water Programme by the PHED at a cost of Rs 30 lakh.

Today’s inaugural function was also attended by ZRO president Thanglianpau Guite, Th Baite EE (PHED) and chief of the village Dr Chinkholian Guite and others.

Later a grand reception was also held at the Village community hall in celebration of the Water Supply Scheme attended by leaders from various communities and presidents of ZSF, SSPP, ZYA HQ, ZC and chief from various villages. Speaking at the function, chairman of the celebration sub-committee Khup Guite expressed his happiness over the water supply scheme turning into a reality.

Singhat MLA GS Haupu said he was glad of the concerned contractors and EE and AE of the concerned department for their support in realising the dream of having a water supply scheme in the village.

He said it is the source of a water plant which is the main hindrance.

The MLA also said his main plan is to bring a higher secondary school at Singhat town and a high school at Sangaikot and added the ZYA could be the harbinger of unity and peace.

Chief host of the function, Suangdoh village chief Dr C Guite said he was grateful of the concerned MLA and the EE Th Baite for making the scheme possible.

The EE on his part said construction was hampered by many hindrances and as such took such a long time to complete construction.

He said the scheme was commissioned way back in November 2010.

However, the scheme has been made possible due to the keen interest shown by the local MLA and with the help of the villagers as there was shortage of man power, he said.

The village now needs a village water sanitation scheme which is a must under government norms, the EE continued.

T Guite laid emphasis on the importance of co-operation to make something possible and said the water supply scheme was a culmination of the MLAs promises and hard work of the villagers.

Meanwhile, the Zomi Youth Association’s Kapkhovung Block Office was also inaugurated today by the president of Zomi Re-unification Organisation (ZRO) who act as the chief guest in the presence of the the Singat MLA.


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