Rishang Keishing bats for ILPS implementation


rishang keishing


IMPHAL, October 3: The All-political party committee formed to find a logical conclusion for implementing Inner Line Permit System in Manipur convened its 11th meeting in its office at the new Assembly Secretariat Complex today.

According to sources, the meeting chaired by deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam began at 2 pm and continued till 5:30 pm. Seasoned politician Rishang Keishing presented his views on the issue of implementing ILP in the State before the committee.

The veteran politician also a former Chief Minister put before the committee his observations and opinions on ILP and praised the constitution of the committee for vetting panoramically the vexed issue. He opined that he was all for implementing ILP or enacting any similar law in the State to save the indigenous peoples of Manipur from the illegal influx of migrants.

The committee members and Rishang Keishing discussed all the possible ways of implementing ILP and the dangers posed to the indigenous people by the illegal influx of migrants, continued the sources.

Rishang also opined that the committee must take into account of the numerous similar tribes of the State, who are staying across the neighbouring country like Myanmar. He maintained that illegal migration from this country must be checked; adding that at the same time there is a need for instituting law regarding land holding in the State.

He continued that disproportionate settlement particularly in forest areas would increase exploitation of natural resources, which could ultimately harm the environment.

Retired High Court Judge WA Shishak failed to turn up for the meeting today as a result of some unavoidable circumstances.

The committee will have another thorough discussion on the issue with three senior politicians – O Joy, Dr L Chandramani and Radhabinod Koijam on October 4, the sources added.


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