Directorate of Vety & AH charged of arbitrary exercise of financial powers


IMPHAL, January 5: A written complaint has been submitted to the Governor demanding stern actions against `wrongdoers` of the Directorate of Veterinary & Animal Husbandry by investigating the `illegal actions and misuse of power` within the department which is among the major departments of the State government.

Sources informed IFP that the written complaint was submitted to the Governor today. The complaint was submitted by S Indra Singh, a resident of Hawreibi Mayai Leikai in Imphal West district.

The three-pages long written complaint contains allegations suggesting that the government rules & OM(s) have been `rendered futile and otiose` as the Secretariat : Vety & AH department, is functioning under the influence of the Directorate of Vety & AH and that arbitrary promotion orders of the department officials have been issued.

The complaint further mentions payment of `excess salaries` to demoted officers, paying pensions commensurate with that of grade-III employees to retired veterinary officers and that a culture of officers misusing their official powers prevails in the department. It also mentions in great detail the pending Vigilance case no. 5/SP-V/2014 against the incumbent director, Dr S Joute.

Sources said copies of the written complaint have been submitted to the Chief Minister, chief secretary and the commissioner of Department of Personnel.

Official documents which are in IFP`™s possession reveal that there is an ongoing controversy within the Directorate after an order was issued proclaiming a joint director who was officially engaged by the Directorate as absent on Extra-ordinary leave(EOL) during the period of his engagement.

Sources said Dr K Gopal Singh was promoted as a joint director (MVS grade `“II) by L Lakher, commissioner (Vety & AH) after issuing an order (order no. 4/4/99-Vety/part-1) on July 2, 2012. The order promoted nine veterinary officers to the posts of joint directors. Dr Gopal was listed on serial no 8 in the promotion order.

With the issuing of the order, Dr Gopal was transferred as joint director of Veterinary department in Chandel district. But he was engaged in the headquarters of the Directorate by director Dr S Joute from September 13, 2012 to January 14, 2013 after officially summoning him back into the Directorate headquarters. He received his due allowance and salary as a Joint Director during this period.

However, an order issued by under secretary (Vety & AH), Saichchingpuii on December 22 which proclaimed that the joint director was on extra ordinary leave during this period, which means his absence from duty was unauthorised. This has left many bewildered.

Dr K Gopal, joint director of District Veterinary Office, Chandel has written to the director, Vety & AH opposing the order and demanding the order to be revoked which proclaims him to be absent on EOL and threatening to move the High Court of Manipur if the order is not revoked.


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