JD(U) demands district statuses for Moreh, Sadar Hills and Jiribam


Imphal, April 13: The JD(U) demanded Moreh be made into a full-fledge separate district along with Jiribam and Sadar Hills in the interest of the people of the respective area.

Moiranthem Tombi president JD(U) said this while addressing to a press meet held at office of JD(U) at Babupara.

He said that on the policy of Act East Policy of the new NDA government, Moreh is one of the most important places which can link up South East Asian Country with India.

As the state government has set up various departmental offices in Moreh to facilitate import and export, Moreh now can handle a more autonomous administration, he said.

He reiterated that in preparation of the Act East Policy, Moreh, Jiribam and Sadar Hill should be declared as new full-fledged districts of Manipur.

He further said that a Social Welfare office was also inaugurated in Moreh in November 2012 by the concern Minister AK Mirabai. But the office still does not have any regular DDO status employee and no further infrastructure of the office has been added till today.

He said during the old age pension distribution yesterday ageing pensioners from Moreh were compelled to stay overnight at Chandel to get their dues. It is totally violated the rights of people of Moreh. If the DDO of social welfare department had officer status this problem can be avoided, he added.

He said Jiribam also has the same problem. Aged pensioners had to come to Porompat from Jiribam to receive their dues.


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