Expedite construction of power sub-station at Salluk Village: Chakpikarong DCC member


CHANDEL, July 20: Newly elected member of the Autonomous District Council, Chandel from Chakpikarong DCC Nula Warngam has appealed to the concern authorities to make functional the power sub-station at Salluk Village at the earliest so that power supply in Chakpikarong and its surrounding areas which has been cut off for almost a month can be resumed.

Warngam made the appeal through the media after inspecting the Power station Salluk, Community Health Centre Chakpikarong and office of the SDO Chakpikarong.

He was accompanied by the village chiefs of Chakpikarong, Rungchang and Novokom, representatives of the NPF Chandel Divisional Unit and Anal Students Union Chakpikarong branch.

`The people of Chakpi area are grateful to the State government for having constructed the power station which is believed to solve the problem of power shortage in the entire sub division, when completed and put to use`™, Warngam said.

Informing of the hardships and problems the people have been facing for the last one month, Warngam appealed the concerned authority to expedite the process in making the station functional.

The team while visiting the Community Health Centre Chakpikarong found the ultra sound and x-ray rooms locked. Later, in the meeting it was reported that there were no technicians to operate the machines.

`Candle lights were sometimes used when there were cases of emergencies in the hospital due to lack of power supply in the hospital`™ a staff disclosed to the visiting team before the media.

It was also reported that there were lack of doctors and nurses in the hospital. Later while talking to the media, Warngam appealed to the concern health directorate to look in to the matter in the interest of the people at the earliest.

The team expressed unhappiness when the SDO office Chakpikarong was found without a single staff present.

NPF Chandel Divisional Unit president, Ts Molarsing talking to media after the inspection alleged the State government of neglecting Chakpikarong sub division.

He expressed resentment over the condition of CHC chakpikarong saying that the hospital exist only for name sake without proper equipment.


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