No let up in ILPS movement: Road blocks give way to suspension of all economic activities

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A torch rally taken out in New Checkong area demanding implementation of the ILPS.

IMPHAL, July 20: There is no let up in the movement demanding implementation of the Inner Line Permit System or a similar legislation in the State, although supporters turned to suspending all economic activities and staging sit in protests rather than imposing road blocks as the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System initiates its new course of agitations.

Normal life in the State capital and the valley districts was greatly hampered as business activities were suspended in response to a call from the JCILPS. Road blocks were also witnessed at a few places.

Since early morning, womenfolk came out to the streets and staged sit in protests.

Women vendors suspended their economic activities and staged sit in protests at their market sheds at several places.

Sit in protests were also witnessed on the road sides in almost every locality. Formations of human chain were also witnessed at different localities including at the Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, Thangmeiband, Sagolband, Nagamapal among others.

The movement supporters held placards demanding immediate implementation of the ILPS, punishing the police personnel involved in the death of Sapam Robinhood, etc.

Residents of Kotha Khabam Maning Leikai also staged a sit in protest at their local community hall. Similar sit in protests were also witnessed at Awang, Mayai and Mantra Leikais of the locality.

Locals also blocked the road demanding punishment of the police personnel involved in the death of Robinhood.

Agitators also blocked the Uripok-Kangchup road and the Imphal-Jiribam road at different places since early morning affecting traffic flows, however, no untoward incidents were reported from the said areas.

Sit in protests were also staged at Thangmeiband, Uripok, Moirangkhom, Yaiskul Police Lane, Keisamthong Kabui Khul, Keishamthong, Singjamei, Singjamei Wangma Kshetri Leikai, UYO-WWA-WDA Club of Bheigyapati Leikai, Heirangoithong Bazaar etc.

Meira rallies were also taken out at several places including at New Checkon area late in the evening.

A large number of supporters from Sagolband who had taken out a rally met and converged with another large number supporters coming from the Uripok side near the Bir Tikendrajit Flyover, however, police disperse them back to their respective areas in a peaceful manner.

The Kakhulong Women Society also took out a torch rally demanding and supporting the implementation of ILPS in the State. The torch rally which started from Kakhulong passed through Masjid Road and Paona Bazar.

The Sangaiprou Kabui Khul also staged a sit in protest at Sangaiprou Kabui Khul demanding implementation of ILP in the State.

The All Manipur Nupi Manbi Association also staged a sit in protest at Khurai Lamlong Bazar supporting the public movement for implementation of the ILPS or a similar law in the State.

Our community also shares the fear of the people of the State in the absence of an Act like the ILPS, said secretary of the association Santa Khurai.

Santa also said that it is their bounded duty to support the mass movement.


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