Shyamkumar peeved by govt delay in initiating action in student killing case


IMPHAL, July 26: Andro MLA Th Shyamkumar today alleged that the government is playing foul and trying to divert the people`™s attention from the raging issue of demand for the implementation of the Inner Line Permit System in Manipur.

The MLA regretted that the government is only now conceding to the demand for instituting a judicial inquiry into the death of a 16 year old student, Sapam Robinhood, after facing agitation on the streets, and not before, exercising its good judgment.

He said that the situation with regards to the demand for ILPS got beyond a point of no return only after the killing of a protester Sapam Robinhood. Thereafter, he said it was the State Home Department which messed everything up with its drama, confusing the people.

Shyamkuamr further said that on the faithful afternoon of July 8, the student agitators were taking out a peaceful rally though amid the prohibitive orders of CrPC 144 issued by the district magistrate. This being the case, he had said that the police personnel had orders to take action to control the mob, he said.

If this statement hurt any civil society body, he said he would willingly tender his apology for he did not mean to hurt anybody`™s sentiment.

He said instead of carrying out their orders normally, the police personnel used extreme measures and shot tear gas shells, rubber bullets and mock bombs directly at the crowd. Unfortunately, police action resulted in Sapam Robinhood shot dead.

He said the State Home Minister in a statement in the Assembly, clearly mentioned there was no fault of the police in the incident and no action would be initiated for the death of Robinhood.

However, now the State Government has decided to conduct a judicial inquiry into the killing of Robinhood.

The question is that why did the State Government not take any positive step immediately instead of waiting for the public to take to the streets, asked Shyamkumar.


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