Exclusive Interview with NEPO V.P. Swadesh Sarkar: ILPS opposed by people of Barak valley, Tripura and other parts of Assam

Vice President Swadesh Sarkar of N.E.P.O (northeast people organization)
Vice President Swadesh Sarkar of N.E.P.O (northeast people organization)


By – Momon Thoudam

The Vice President Swadesh Sarkar of N.E.P.O (northeast people organization) in his interview has expressed that they have started their agitation after getting certain instances of harassment on non- manipuri people in Imphal valley during ILPS demand campaign, they got those from people fleeing  Imphal and also from the newspaper published in Manipur.

He  stated that N.E.P.O has formed in protest against the harassment both mental and physical being carried out on Non-Manipuri people living in Manipur,  Specially in imphal valley. He also said that this movement has support from all across Barak valley, neighbouring Tripura and also from other parts of Assam.

NEPO, interview, North East people Organisation, Manipur, ILPS, Jiribam, Cachar
NEPO V.P. Swadesh Sarkar (left); Momon Thoudam (right) reporting from Jiribam Manipur.


In his interview he said that the when they came to know that those people who came to Manipur after 1951 will not be allow to stay, their name will be delete from electoral roll those who are in service with Manipur Government will be terminated and people won’t  even live there in rent houses they started their movement.

This movement has nothing against Manipuri people but they are fighting with govt of Manipur to stop the atrocities being carried out on Non-Manipuri.

He cited that the economic blocked which started from 5.00 am today was called off, after getting assurance from the administration govt of Assam about certain agreement being inked between Assam, Manipur and govt of India within 7 days.

The D.C himself has assured about certain solution within 7 days or the N.E.P.O can carry out much larger movement in coming days.

He said that up to 1833 the entire Jiri valley up to Barak was under the kingdom of Cachari King and they have historically proof about it.

They believed in peaceful co-existence, he said people living in both side of Jiri river peacefully since ages and N.E.P.O has no grudge against people of Jiribam but their movement is with government of Manipur.

Earlier NEPO has strongly demanded Manipur government not to implement ILPS in Manipur and also has expressed their desire to remove Inner Line  Permit system from the 3 North East states i.e. Mizoram, Nagaland and Arunchal Pradesh,  where ILPS has been in placed for several decades.



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