ALT hits back at TSA over controversial use of Anal shawl as table cloth


CHANDEL, September 21: Anal Lelruwl Tangpi (Anal Students union) HQ has refuted Thadou Students`™ Association (TSA) Chandel`™s press statement wherein it claimed that Lhukhusei Zou was not a part of the controversial use of Anal traditional shawl as table cloth during the ADC swearing in ceremony.

The union in a press release signed by its president L Manahring alleged that the function was held to form Congress led ADC government of the district. And being Chairman designated, Lhukhosei Zou should own responsibility for events unfolded during the course of the function and its untypical of Zou to disown his staff rather than stand by them.

`May be his ego is too big to apologise on behalf of his departmental staff`™, it said.

ALT used the word `self-proclaim`™ because the so called formation of ADC Chandel took place in Imphal West district, rather than the following normal procedure, that is to form and function in the district headquarters just as ADCs in other hill districts do, it clarified.

Terming TSA`™s claim of Lhukhosei Zou maintained equal treatment in sub division wise irrespective of tribes and communities on education as totally baseless, the union maintained that Lhukhosei was biased and only focused more to appease one community.

Out of the 50 Primary Schools established in 2011, he allotted nearly 30 plus of the schools to one single community whereas only 10 plus of the schools were allotted to the rest of the communities in Chandel , it pointed out, questioning TSA whether if that was what TSA called equal treatment of Lhukhusei Zou.

In connection with the up-gradation of Primary Schools to Upper Primary Schools, the ALT in the release further alleged that Lhukhosei allotted three schools out of the five to one community.

That was when ALT intervened and protested. The union admits thereafter existed an MOu, but the MoU signed was just propagated in paper, yet to materialize till date, though the assurance given to the union was to implement the agreement just in a matter of time, it lamented.

Stating that the union respects TSA`™s personal views and expressions on the present imbroglio, it questioned the TSA`™s wisdom of supporting Congress led ADC government in Chandel.

The Manipur Assembly under the very nose of tribal MLAs and Ministers passed three `anti-tribal`™ bills. Consequently, the tribal people have been demanding the resignation of those tribal MLAs due to people`™s disapproval, the union said.

It also extended invitation to TSA to share opinion on whether there is any difference in principle and ideology between Congress led government and Congress led ADC government in the districts.

While accepting the call for peace and tranquillity in the district, the union said that it has been relentlessly working for a common interest be it fighting a lone battle against district administration for DLOs and departmental offices to function so that tribal from far and near can avail their rights in the district headquarters.

`TSA Chandel has every right to defend Lhukhosei Zou as he best serves their interest , but lets not be so engrossed and deep rooted in our own personal interest that we intend to ignore and hurt sentiments of other tribes which in the long run is detrimental for our societies`™, ALT in the release added.


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