Consultations were held with all stakholders before naming Kangvai sub-division: Manga Vaiphei


By Alex Guite
CHURACHANDPUR, February 23: In an exclusive talk with this correspondent on the contentious issue of the naming of the Kangvai sub-division, Henglep MLA T Manga Vaiphei said many consultations were held and the general interest of various communities were studied for the formation of the new sub-division.

He said the creation of the new sub-division is simply for administrative convenience in the remote areas of the State.

Speaking to this correspondent, the MLA said the affected villages and other stakeholders were also taken into consideration and at the same time more than 80 percent of the total village chiefs has entrusted him with the authorisation to take the final call regarding the naming of the sub-division.

He said many intensive visits to the different areas were made and consensus of the people were taken wherever it was possible and the final approval of the village chiefs was also taken even after they had already entrusted him to name the new sub-division.

He continued he was doing his best to appease all the five communities that live in the constituency regarding the formation of the Kangvai subdivision which is also the most acceptable to all the communities.

It may be mentioned that the creation of the sub-division was effected through a Manipur Gazette order no 30/7/2014 and MLAs of the Saikot and Henglep were consulted for the same.

The creation of the new sub-division has not been a bed of roses as there were many opposition regarding the name. In fact, people of Khousabung are still demanding the subdivision to be called Khousabung. The people of Khousabung had even boycotted the Henglep MLA.

The MLA said he had extensively toured the areas and as per the wish and support given by the different communities, had decided to name the subdivision Kangvai.

He said the name is not because of the major community residing in it, but was the rational choice of a majority of the people.

The subdivision now has a SDO attached with the DC’s office. He said the site for the new SDO complex has already been decided and construction will start soon.

He added the creation of the subdivision will ease many problems of the people.


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