Construction material worth Rs 10 lakh robbed


E-Front-__-Construction-materials-robbed-735x400Ukhrul, May 23 : Unidentified persons robbed the construction materials meant for the ongoing work of a polytechnic building at Langkhan area in Ukhrul in broad daylight on May 19. The stolen material is worth about Rs 10 lakh.

Speaking to the media at the office of Ukhrul District Working Journalists Association (UDWJA), Ukhrul, today sub-contractor YL Ravine stated that the construction material worth about Rs 10 lakh meant for the new polytechnic of Ukhrul was looted in broad daylight.
Ravine and his men said that contract for the construction work of the new polytechnic for B-Block was sanctioned by Education (S) Dept, Govt of Manipur at an estimated cost of Rs 2.15 crore in the name of contractor Redeem Kharay in 2015. He mentioned that on May 19 at around 9 am, unidentified persons, numbering around 15, came to the work site in two vehicles and overpowered the labourers.

Construction materials including Ms Bar, Cement, tools, wood planks etc worth about Rs 10 lakhs were then taken away, he said and added that they even dismantled the erected pillars. The miscreants also ransacked the makeshift camp and took away Rs 52,600.
They (sub contract) party demanded immediate return of the looted construction material in good faith and warned that in the event of failing to comply with their appeal, things might take an uglier turn. They also urged the authority concerned to intervene and resolve the matter amicably in time.


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