Mayai Lambi blocked over ILPS demand


IMPHAL, May 14: Continuing with the ongoing popular demand for conversion of the three Bills passed by the Manipur Legislative Assembly on August 31 last year into Acts, Mayai Lambi was blocked at different points between Keishampat and Hiyangthang today.
Movement of people as well as vehicles were blocked along the road at Keisham-thong, Pishumthong, Haobam Marak, Mongshangei and Langthabal Lep starting from 1 pm.
Similar protest demonstrations were witnessed at Khagempalli Huidrom Leikai, Ningthemcha Karong, Lang-thabal Phuramakhong and Hiyangthang.

ILPS-735x400Familiar scenes of burning tyres, and bamboos and timbers put across the road were seen at different places. Wind-shield of one auto-rickshaw was smashed as it tried to speed past a group of people who were staging a protest demonstration at Langthabal Phuramakhong. Human chains were formed and different slogans were shouted in unison demanding enactment of ILPS or similar mechanism for protection of all the indigenous of Manipur.
They shouted slogans such as “Convert all the three passed by the State Assembly into Acts”, “Outsiders cannot contest election in Manipur”, “Outsiders cannot cast votes in the State”, “Delete all outsiders from the State’s electoral roll” and “Implement all the points agreed between JCILPS and the Government”.
Students of Tolchou Ibeton Memorial Academy, Hiyangthang also took part in the protest demonstration apart from forming a link of the human chain.
Mayai Lambi was blocked for specific hours between Keishampat and Hiyangthang in line with an announcement made by the JCILPS earlier in pursuit of the popular demand for enactment of a constitutional safeguard for protection of indigenous people of Manipur.
Imphal-Moreh highway would be blocked between Moirangkhom to Lilong for certain hours tomorrow in continuation of the same civil movement.


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