​Neck deep in too many issues Spare a thought for the future


Neck deep in so many issues that the fundamental point is constantly overlooked. When one talks about the Inner Line Permit System or a similar mechanism to check the large scale inflow of non-local people into the State, one has to also look at the strong voice of protest against the three Bills passed by the State Assembly on August 31 last year. Apart from this, there is also the ST demand for the Meiteis while in the Naga dominated districts it is the Framework Agreement signed between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India which must be the dominant issue. The deep divide between the communities, especially between the people from the valley and the hill people is another sore point that has to be taken into consideration in any discourse concerning Manipur. Again there is also the case filed in the Supreme Court against the alleged extra-judicial killings by the armed forces and clearly Manipur is neck deep in so many issues that at times basic fundamental points are overlooked and side stepped. All the issues which have been roughly listed here, directly or indirectly impact on the lives of the young students and this cannot be healthy for society in the long run. This is the age of competition where there is just no room for mediocrity but increasingly it is clear that in the pursuit of some of these high profile issues, the future of the youngsters has always been put at stake.
When one talks about the future of the youngsters, one is obviously referring to the future of the land and the people. Everything boils down to the question of how the future for the youngsters is charted but unfortunately no one seems to have given much thought to this. It is this which should worry all parents, guardians and the elders of society. Not much thought seems to have been given on why numerous young boys and girls make a beeline for destinations outside the State every year to pursue their higher education. If a systematic study is carried out, then the huge financial burden that parents and elders have to bear to send their children outside the State may be known. It is already July now and students should ideally be pursuing their academic activities, but has the right ambience been created for them to study unhindered ? The answer should be obvious to all. This is the tragedy of the place and the people. High time that questions are raised on why Government schools continue to do so badly every year. Moreover has the Government ever demonstrated that it cares ? Why is it that thousands of students have to go outside the State every year for their studies ? All relevant questions but which have never been raised to the pitch that one desires. Too caught up in other issues that the future of the land and the people is overlooked ?


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