CPI (ML) liberation demand unemployment allowance in state


The CPI (ML) liberation Manipur has demanded unemployment allowance for youths to solve the problem of unemployment in state, which is the main reason of social unrest in the state.

Speaking to the media at a press conference held at the office of CPI (ML) Liberation Sagolband Tera Thingbaijam Leikai NC Road, Sapam Samungou secretary said that Manipur has unemployment problem at present. The problem can be solved if the state government institute certain schemes for the unemployed youths, he said

He observed that some states of India have already introduced unemployment allowance for the educated youth. As per the record in the Manipur Employment Exchange there are more than seven lakhs educated young youths seeking government job, among them three lakhs youths are matriculate, he said.

If the state government give allowance or incentive of Rs 2000 for metric passed students or youths, Rs 2500 for 10+2 standard youths and 3000 for graduated or degree holders youth, unemployment problem can be solved to a certain extent, he said.

He continued that in the state there are little avenues for job and there is high preference for government job. As there is no industry to give employment to large number of people, it is high time that the government seriously look into the matter, he added.

Taking a dig on the government of Manipur of not taking up any viable step towards developing the tourism sector in the state, he said the government and its machineries make loud noises only without much action.

News Source: Imphal Free Press


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