Modi to review work of BJP CMs every two months


NEW_DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi plans to review the performance of BJP-ruled states every two months, setting new targets for chief ministers belonging to his party.

BJP chief ministers got their first assignment at a review meeting on Sunday, with Modi asking them to push insurance companies for the early disposal of claims.

Modi told the chief ministers that leakages in government schemes should be plugged and temptation to resort to populism be avoided.In cases of accident and natural calamities, he said, “politicians like us” announce compensation without ensuring that victims get the benefit of their insurance cover, if any.

“Instead, ensure that victims get the benefit of insurance covers for which they pay hefty premium,” a chief minister quoted Modi as saying. The chief ministers and deputy chief ministers have been told to hold meetings with insurance companies in the coming days and press to redress grievances at the earliest.

Modi also referred to another case, saying that governments put up publicity hoardings, but their numbers on ground is far less than what is shown on papers. “Can’t we have GPS-enabled hoardings that gives you the exact number of hoardings put up and check the waste of public funds?” asked Modi.

The review meeting was the second such exercise after August last year and Modi wants it to be a more frequent affair. Each chief minister gave a 15-minute presentation before the Prime Minister and BJP president Amit Shah on a 12-point questionnaire set by the BJP. The CMs were asked about one innovative scheme of their government for the uplift of poor, women or marginalised.

Source: The People’s Chronicle


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