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The recent expose of the wireless scam inquiry and the paper belt imbroglio was a time consuming investigation conducted by this paper. The stance of every reporter worth his salt is to verify facts and try to bring out certain lapses which may have been overlooked by the party in question. The investigative journalist also puts oneself at risk as per the nature of the investigation being carried out, he warrants brickbats and sometimes puts his life in the balance while trying to expose the fact. All this is taken in stride for informing the public and in the hope that corrections will be made for holistic development and a better future. The essence of a journalist is to adhere to the truth and have the ability to call a spade a spade, come hell or high water.

It is fact that the media fraternity will always have close links with the people in power in its various hierarchies and dimensions. Bonds are formed and as well as many are broken, all in the pursuit of the truth. It is instrumental that a neutral stance needs to be adopted by the scribe as the old adage says- the media has neither enemies nor friends. If a rapport builds up over time between the ‘friend’ or a ‘foe’ to the scribe, it can be hard to write news which will affect them as empathy is a human trait. But, this has to be dealt with and the journalist must put on horse blinders and let truth be the sole objective and the ultimate finish line. Hence, the ethics of journalism must be adhered to and impartiality must be observed. The media cannot have favorites and remain untainted from the political arena, be it congress or BJP or any other party in power.

The expose on the wireless report and the belt scam adhered to certain facts which points out the certain corrections can be made and to make the system better. It is also a prerogative of the journalist to stand up for the underdog and try to bring out the perpetrators in power. If nothing less, to be the watchdog !

Governments come and go and so do politicians, the government is in a continuous process. The present governance bid to clean the slate of the former is a laudable effort and deserves due credit, nevertheless action taken up in haste and inability to keep certain promises which had been laid bare in the public domain may be taken as pulling the wool over one’s eye.

IFP Editorial/Leader Writer: Paojel Chaoba


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