MANIPUR IS PARALYSED – What is fact? What was fake?


Total shutdown but there is no question of Re-thinking on the withdrawal of the Armed forces special powers Act, 1958, said Home minister and Defence Minister. More then three weeks long protest against the Armed Forces Special Powers Act. Still there is no hope from the Central and State government. My sentiments don’t see only the July 11 Manorama’s killing, as we are facing such problems from my childhood. I myself had submitted a volume of pages by hand regarding the withdrawal of AFSPA 1958 and removal of Assam Riffles from Kangla Fort to the former Prime Minister A.B. Vajpayee and then Union Home Minister in my lifetime of Presidentship (Manipur Students’ Association, Delhi, 1997) when I was a student of Delhi University. We are expecting a fruitful and positive result from our new PM. My inner core says if we consider specially Manipur, there are insurgent problems which is disturbing Govt. administration since long ago but there is no any proper dialogue between the Union Govt. and the secessionist groups, the result is paralysing the state day by day and the people of Manipur are dying.

In such a way, the people of Manipur face many problems; we can’t explain what is the problem. Sometimes we forget we are also a part of the world’s largest democratic country, INDIA.

And what about sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic, republic and security to all its citizens?

JUSTICE – (no socialist, no economic growth, not politically stable)
LIBERTY – (tear up into pieces by pieces)
EQUALITY – (heart break)
FRATERNITY – (we are confusing)

This is the right time to speak out the sentiments of the Manipuri people and to listen by the Govt. of India, only then it will bring peace to our State. Changing of new Governor, new Chief Secy. new Administration system in Manipur may impose President’s rule, but we are not expecting a normal life in Manipur, either the Govt. of India have to eliminate the secessionist groups or set Manipur free. This is why India Govt. doesn’t like to withdraw AFSPA (1958). As a student’s leader comparing to the development programmes of other states, we are so sentimental in all respects until and unless the situation is more than serious, we are demanding a deep observation from the Union Govt.

Mr. Surjit Khongbantabam,
Ex-President Manipur Students’ Association,
Delhi. Dated:9/8/2004


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