KYKL boycotts I-Day


The Imphal Free Press

IMPHAL, Aug 11: Joining their colleague revolutionary groups, the proscribe KYKL has also call for boycott of India’s republic day celebrations in Manipur.

A KYKL statement issued by outfit’s deputy secretary of publicity & research Apabi Mangang said people of Manipur who remain under colonial administration for the past 61 years have no reason to join the celebration of India’s 63rd Independence Day on August 15.

The KYKL statement said India is a country gifted out of 190 years of British colonial regime (1757-1947) and Manipur’s independence posed a challenge ever since India gave birth its name on August 15, 1947.

While asserting that oppressed people of Manipur  should not join celebration of the oppressors, the KYKL has also call a general strike on August 15 which would come into effect from 5am till 6pm.


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