NSCN-K urges ULFA to exercise restraint


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Dimapur, Aug 25: Reacting to the warning of pro-talk ULFA group of taking action against Nagas in Assam if the NSCN-IM attacks the people of Assam in the trouble torn Arunachal-Assam border, the NSCN-K today pleads all concerned to exercise wisdom.

“While it is understandable that the pro-talk ULFA revolutionaries may have been provoked in the Assam Arunachal corridor by few IM cadres who has little or no knowledge of the communal harmony that exist among different ethnic groups in the area for centuries, it is also a moment for all organizations, armed and unarmed, to exercise wisdom and restraint because a region cannot be consigned to flames because of few anti-social elements taking the name of the Nagas,” the NSCN-K said today while adding, “Mr. Jiten Dutta, the secretary of the pro-talk ULFA, who aired his views in the media outlet, is a seasoned revolutionary who is also well versed with the Naga political issue”.

According to the NSCN-K statement, ULFA leader Jiten Dutta understands perfectly that the violent action of the NSCN-IM group does not have any sanction of the Naga people. “It would be an error of judgment if ULFA were to pour its anger on the innocent Nagas in Arunachal or Assam . If Eastern Nagaland was the base of ULFA some years ago, surely he understands the value of friendship and solidarity that GPRN/NSCN (NSCN-K) under the leadership of chairman S.S Khaplang and general secretary N Kitovi Zhimomi still offers. Many of Mr. Jiten’s comrades may still be friends with the Nagas beyond the international border. The Nagas and Assamese living in the border areas should not be victimized because of the actions and words of few armed anti-social elements roaming along the boundary. These are gangsters and they do not represent the Nagas,” the NSCN-K said today.

It then stated that the NSCN-K feels that Mr. Jiten’s comment that his men would not spare the Nagas living in Assam is unfortunate and does not meet the ethics of revolutionaries. “Communal violence is counter productive and all parties should avoid it. A spurt of the moment comment should not destabilize good neighborly relationship between ULFA and GPRN/NSCN (NSCN-K) within and beyond the boundary. It is better to identify who the culprit is before condemning the whole family,” it added.

The threat of attack by NSCN-IM in the event of not lifting of economic blockade within 24 hours is something which Assam government and Arunachal Pradesh government should intervene and protect the citizens against dacoits using and tarnishing the image of the Naga people. Assamese, Nagas and Arunachalis should live in harmony, the NSCNk statement said.


  1. It just goes to show some points:-
    1) Nagaland is chicken shit sacred the hell of Assam.
    2) Every one in the north east hates nagas and nagaland.
    3) Nagas are double faced untrustworthy.
    4) Every one in north-east must unite to get rid of the naga menace, the main trouble maker in north east.
    5) Will be great to see nagaland getting a taste of its own economic blockade medicine.

    • who taught u that you aren’t a problem in manipur? i don’t wanna say much upon you. better not make such communal comments again in future. i understand your habit, though.


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