North East Girl molested in CP, Delhi


North East Girl molested in CP, Delhi

By, Lemyao Shimray

When TRUTH is replaced by SILENCE, the SILENCE is a LIE.”

On 24th August, a 20 years old North East girl who was working in Cannaugh Place, Delhi oriental restaurant known as ‘WOW’ bar was physically assaulted, molested and attempted to rape by the manager known as Rohit Sharma from Bihar. The incident happened around 12.00pm when most of the staffs were having dinner and about to leave their workplace. Mary (name Change) was on the first floor of the restaurant alone while some of the staffs were on the ground floor when the manager tries to get intimate with her. He molested her and physically assaulted her when she tries to struggle away from being rape. After fleeing away from his clutches Mary ran down and reported the staffs on the ground floor. The manager completely denied the charges and infront of the staffs he verbally abuses her in Hindi, grab her by her hair and bang her head down on the table. She bore injuries on her head, neck, hands and scratches mark on her left breast.

The next day along with student’s union she went to the police station in Cannaugh Place to file a complaint. The police were not ready to even accept her complaint application and file an FIR until an MP from North East intervene. Medical examination was done in Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital but the copy of the MLC (Medical Legal Case) report is still not given to the victim’s family and lawyer and is still in the hand of CP police. Police says the case is under investigation.

It’s been more then one week yet there is no arrest done and Mr. Rohit, the manager is still working at the same restaurant till now. When inquired about the case to the General Manager of the restaurant who owned another two chains of restaurant, Mr. Manik Kapoor refuses to give any comment or have a discussion.

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  1. Time of Indian reports..”indian man lead in sexual vilence,worst on gender equality:Study”……….or just type this sentence and google its ..dated Mar 7, 2011

    Atlast indian’ve admitted!

  2. Lets learn from the past, and lets avoid it in the future, mainly our nupishing. Please stop behaving like high standard people in dress and behaviour. Please stop showing prominet body parts, be a Manipuri like a real Meitei.

    • What you mayang Advising our Kanglei women?

      What!Kangleipak is full of mayang or what?

      They commit the heinous crimes at the same time advising us too!

  3. I do condemn the incident.

    Moreover i condemn the discussion going out here. You guys are using this issue as a platform to show your hatred toward each other. Well from my perspective, people here are racist, showing off their real color. North -East people are also racist not only the rest of Indians. Why?

    Its a personal choice, no one should dictate whom do i marry or be with. Its not your business to do so.

    Here we express so many concerns about the culture and ethnic group we belong, but do we implement in our everyday life? I guess not many do that. Its far easier to type the concerns then putting in practice. So please lets start getting the things rather then expecting someone else to do it.


  4. I have always yearned to meet someone from Northeast, to talk about the culture and what not. Not much success. This region is truly neglected by the governments and the media alike. Hence I spend hours searching for forums which will provide an insight into the cultures of north east. That explains how I reached this web address. I learned that I am a “Mayang”. I realized that the core human value of “hate” never fails to show up. I decided to put forward something which I have learned in my 20 something year old life. When I was in my school, people hated each other on the basis of caste. When I was in medical school, people hated each other on the basis of “bihari” vs “punjabi’. When I moved to the US, people hate each other on the basis of skin color. Someday we will find life on some other planet/galaxy and then the hate will take form of “earthizens” vs “non-earthizens”.
    I wonder why loving each other is so difficult.
    I wonder why every human being has to show his/her “superiority” to the next person.
    I wonder why can’t we all just get along.
    is it really that difficult?
    there could be thousands of reasons to hate each other. Can’t we all just spread love for the simple reason that we are all human beings?

    • well “a mayang” u wont know how it feels like when u r walking alone n teased by a group of guys n chase u down all the way… not dat we don get chased by guys of same community …..they do but in a guy-gurl way….. perhaps a comment and a whistle…… but then when we are being chased by this mayangs they have a look on their face….. which gives u a feeling that ….today i am getting raped….. and sometimes they dont give you much time to think… they just grabs you frm behind …put u in a van … n it starts there itself….. then earth and the whole shit doesnt matter… wat matters is survival instinct…. and our survival is being threatened…. that is why we are so angry …its not rocket science ….. and buddy dnt ask why we are still here if we are beign theratened…. its our constitutional rights….and the job of the govt to protect us ….. which they are not doing ,…. hell they are not evn ready file an fir….let alone protect us…

  5. dis time i wana speak wid my hand, dhawan.
    it’s your nd mayang’s gudlukk dat i hav few mayang friends who r gud to me nd my community….
    @rajesh…. first u go nd learn somthin about meitei culture, dn open your filthy mouth…. i knw wad kind of guy u r…. u cnt blaim if somone is christian, or if neone wants to convert himslf/herslf into christian…
    m born metei bt dun like hinduism… its on me that y i dun like it…

  6. @linda – My intensions were not meant to hurt sentiments of You, other Meiteis or any of the Tribal mates. Yep, I shouldn’t have commented like that. Apologies from me.
    I was baffle up so wrote like that cause’ it reminded me of my previous incidents. Before being in a relation with ma GF, her friends from Manipur and Mizoram used to tell her “Don’t hangout with him”, “Don’t be in a
    relation with him” blah-blah-blah cause’ he is a Punjabi and what if he ends leaving you. What the F**k ! Who are they to tell her like that and filling her mind with –ve thought ?
    Lastly, I too was talking like some other North-Indians. Then what the f**k will be the difference b/w them and me. I’m also being a Racist now.
    Thanks for reminding me. Agghhhhhhh I have to get back to my previous thought now by “No more discussion on this topic”. Sorry ! again.
    Peace from my side too.
    Cheers everybody.
    Chapter Closed

  7. To ALL The Manipuris out there, the time has come to be awaken. No matter which religion you follow in 21st century, just don’t be ignorant of your roots. Do not forget your forefathers and about the civilization they had created. The Future lies in your hands, whether to make Manipur stand up again or to make it rot. So stop fighting, think for the present and the future. No one will make ‘Kaleipak’ shine except you individuals.

    “In the 18th century, under King Meidingu Pamheiba and with the advised of the Hindu priest Shantidas Gosai, spreaded Hinduism in the region.
    The sacred writings of Sanamahi religion, the Puyas (123 of them), were collected and burned in front of the Kangla which is the sacred placed of the Meitei and all the Sanamahi scholars were expelled to remote villages.[8]. This took place on 17th day of Mera (October) in 1732 in front of the Kangla Palace and the Meitei were forcibly converted to Hinduism by the king. However after the revivalism of Sanamahism, the day is remembered by the 2.5 million Meitei as “puya meithaba” and consider as the saddest day in the history of Manipur[9].

    Later in the 19th century mass conversion of the Hill tribes to Christianity began.

    The books written in indigenous Meitei Script including sacred and history of more than 3000 year old civilization of Manipur, the then kingdom of Kangleipak, were set ablaze.”

    “Meetei traditional culture, spiritual sites and custom are all written in the puya and some are unwritten. Many important events and incidents, that are definitely going to happen in the near future are also predicted in the puya with aphorism and ambiguous statements.”

    “The history of Manipuri literature trace back to thousands of years with flourish of its civilization. Nevertheless, Puya Meithaba (burning of Ancient Manipuri Scriptures) can not be overlooked in the history of Manipuri Literature. The terror event of history, the Puya Meithaba in 1729, during the reign of Meidingu Pamheiba (1709–1748), totally devastated the ancient Manipuri scriptures and cultural history.”

  8. as for you DHAWAN, isnt this what you wrote for me?—-“Well said Rajesh, they don’t know even how to addressed themselves…………………….Well this shows mentality of a typical “ Tribal girl converted into Christians by those Missionaries “. seems lilke both of you are on the same page when it comes to showing hatred towards the tribals and the christians……as if?!!!!!
    the irony is you yourself are in a relationship with a paite girl from manipur for the past 3 years (this is what you exactly wrote in one of your previous writings—–“I’m in a relation with a Paite girl from Manipur past 3 yrs whole of my family knows about it and her too…”) and still have the heart to hold such a pathetic mindset towards the tribals. what a shame! atleast for your gf’s sake, you should have shown some respect to the tribals. hmmm……. well, congratulations! mister, you have proved your mayang mentality ONCE AGAIN ! see, this is exactly what i was writing about all this while !
    as far as iam concerned, even though we meiteis are officially recognized as non-tribals , i dont at all mind people addressing me as a tribal girl because iam quite certain that we meiteis share a common history with the tribals of manipur….so, bring it on! call me a tribal as much as you want ! i will still be happy at the end of the day.
    and about the DISLIKE you have shown towards MEITEILON, iam not surprised at all, its you mayangs’ typical trait to hate our language , first it was that pathetic hostel mate named AYESHA DHAWAN from my college days who used to throw TANTRUMS whenever she saw me talking to my PARENTS on the phone in MEITEILON and now, its you! infact , the funniest part : you guys share the same surname as well as the dislike for our language…….whatta coincidence! i must have to say ! well moron ! you are asking a MEITEIMACHA to not write in her mother tongue ! hmmmmm………… thats quite a “khatnaba houba”.
    anyway , i have quite made my point.
    iam at peace now .

    • well said.
      these people are crazy. but beware, they are barbaric and dangerous too. you have to be alert at all times.
      they become sad and militant whenever they see us.

      they are too PARANOID and too MISTRUSTFUL.

      so, never trust these thugs!

  9. @ khuman – Another piece of shit from one of the world’s greatest Dumbo, Whacky creature.
    Well now our eminent fatheaded “Yellow Monkey” is saying “all INDIANS have monkey like hairs and black at the same time, and stinking pickle smell of their disgusting armpits shit!!! Damn”.
    hahahaha. This guy “EVEN SMELL THEIR ARMPITS”. Ugggghhhhhhh. Well now I can figure it out that you are a GAY who is just pissed off cause’ you might have been betrayed from one of those “INDIANS”. Sorry, for that. Well I’ll pray to God that soon you’ll get a Good Homo partner.
    “Indian culture and its religion are termed as “wild belief and culture”. Kiddo why you are wasting time in researching articles against “Hindu” & “Indian Culture”.
    Do something relevant that can help NE come out from Terrorism, Mass murders, economic blockhead and so, rather than proving your stupid Theologies against “Hindu” Religion .
    I don’t need to explain about Hindu Religion much in deep cause’ others, they know it very well. Moreover, because of its rich values, it has been adopted by many foreigners too. Many of the Outsiders are there in the places like Banaras, Himachal Pradesh & Uttarakhand who have been practicing Hindu Religion from many years. Got it ?
    One thing is for sure “A person like you ” who is just a ” BURDEN TO ANY RELIGION ” will always try to spread tensions between “Mainlanders” & “North-East”. That’s why people hate each other and this can only be removed by Exterminating Chunk like you.
    Well continue with ya MOTTO “ Hatred against Indian Culture & Religion “.

  10. One of the biggest culprit of racial and ethnic discrimination among people of India is ignorance/obliviousness of others tradition, culture and religion. India is a land of diversity. Unfortunately, very few people understand each others’ culture.
    I have some funny experience regarding misconception among communities. Long back (during our PG times), when I met a bohra family for the first time, a friend of mine, a devout sunny Muslim himself, told me- these people stink thus they spray perfume over the walls of their houses. Even more, they spit to the water before offering to guests.

    Again, somewhere during 2006-2007, there was a hate campaign against Christianity in central India. Lots of misconceptions were there. One of my padosi, an enthusiastic hindu devout told me- saar, woh log girja me gou mans ke tukare aur khun red wine me milaker pilate hain.
    With all politeness, I asked the bhaisaab that that is not at all true. I hope he was convinced.

    I don’t support and strongly condemns the attack to Christians. Well, upto certain extent, as per my experience, a few missionaries (not missionaries, prayer session organized by individuals) indulge in aggressive preaching of religion. Besides showing the true path of religion which would bring eternal peace and happiness, a few materialistic gains and supports were also included during the prayer sessions. I understand that is not the way majority of christian missionaries function.

    Similarly, north Indians misunderstand the nature of NE people and vice versa. Indians, majority of the people belong to conservative mindsets. So, majority of the people of India will consider strong women (I mean strong moral and family value) as more respectable. The definition of strong women is quite difficult.

    As far as skimpy dress is concerned, NE girls tend to wear more fashionable clothes which is usually common among the elite class people of Delhi and surroundings. Those girls from well to do families have requisite family back up and protection for unwanted events as well as not many boys will dare to approach those girls. Here, NE girls totally lack behind. They are vulnerable. Those thugs considered that these girls are easy targets. This is where problem starts which is further compounded by friendly nature of NE girls.

    Rape, molestation happen even in conservatively dressed central India regions. In fact, it’s top here in MP. Just imagine, how these perverts will think if they have neighbors who are dressed liberally and friendly in nature. They will consider it as invitation for sure. So, when you are in Rome, behave like Romans.

    One thing, most of the boys in college would like to make friends with girls. This is natural instinct. Same for girls also. There is nothing wrong in this. But there should be a line which should not be crossed. The tradition and acceptance of love marriage in NE also plays a role here. This tradition is contradictory to conservative tradition of sticking to arrange marriage in north Indian societies. Many north Indian boys and girls will jump into affairs but finally, they may prefer arrange marriage over their lovers. They are in transition phase as far as love marriage and arrange marriage is concerned.

    Thanks to Kanglaonline for giving us a platform for discussion (some hot discussions are also here). Overall, it’s good and it’s a nice medium to understand people from different regions.

  11. Indian culture and its religion are termed as “wild belief and culture” even in discovery channel!Any mayng will vouch and at the same time also will accept their ill and vices play down a brand new trick.He is exception here,he yielded at the same time confused.(that what your culture is based-tricks and confusion)Unfortunately,there are some kanglei who still mesmerized by tale concocted by chicanery perverts hindu(either bihari,punjabi,marwari,up,or southi blacks etc..all have monkey like hairs and black at the same time,and stinking pickle smell of their disgusting armpits shit!!!damn) so called preachers!Time has come though,now,who will save them!Time to thwart mayang religion which is mother of PERVERSION permanently form Kangleipak for good.THeir culture has created widespread miseries and disharmony among the communities.Time to Change!Campaign has already been unleashed!!!

  12. Guys/Gals, pliz stop this.. As I’ve said b4 this discussion will not end up in a good way. U all have good points but pliz try to be optimist and for God’s sake ignore the bad things u’ve faced.. Chill out guys/gals.. 😀

  13. @khuman – Some one please help this guy, he is going completely insane. Without having his own knowledge, based on the research thru internet, this guy is trying to the fullest in proving his ideologies against “Hinduism”.
    Well now I assume you are not a Hindu “Meitei” but a actual “Meitei” who worship their own God. Well no comments on that, you have right to worship your own God.
    But dude what happened to you, I mean why are you acting like a Cloddish.
    1. First you started arguing for “Mayangs” & “Chinkies”. It was a complete waste for me explaining a guy who is dim-witted.
    2. After that you tried to project readers by emphasizing on Indians facing problem in Australia ( According to you and the link given ) – It is because of the cheap act ( like black magic for seduction, selling drugs, staring and harassing women in a drunken state and blah-blah-blah ) done by Indians itself so as they are facing racism. Hmmmm good.
    3. Then you moved on howling Britishers & Chinese being superior than Indians by screening the picture of Sino-Indian war. Well I can expect from you .
    4. Finally you turn-out to religion ( Hinduism ) by playing hard with keyboard on the stupid thesis of your beloved Jha. Beloved I said he might be your what you call “Big Brother” as he have a same mentality like yours.
    If you, may be by chance know any of the Sacred Hindu Scripture ( Bhagavad-Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata or any of the one ) of Hindu Religion where “Cow consuming”, “Dowry System”, “Sati Pratha”, “Burning brides for Dowry”, “Female Foeticide”, etc are mentioned ( In the sense practiced ) then please tell me.
    Kid there is a big difference between “Following your religion by the content written in one’s Holy book” & “PRACTICES”. Got it. There is nothing written like practicing those “EVILS” by Hindu in “Hindu Holy Books”.
    Yep off course so many Hindus in present India are not the actual one. Rather most of them were converted in Medieval time. And out of these, SOME they started practicing those Evils. No offence in that. In some part of India still those practices are been took place. But then people are becoming aware of it ( As it is completely against Morals ) and are trying to expunge completely from the society.
    Lastly, if your intensions are pointing on me then lemme tell you lolz that I’m a “PUNJABI” ( Not a Turban one & Specifically Not JATS ) who follows both Hindu & Sikhism. And if you are talking about practicing DOWRY, SATI-PRATHA and FEMALE FOETICIDE in my culture then you are completely wrong. Neither we accept dowries nor we give. You can ask to your Punjabi friends ( If you have ) or else any of them.
    Do come next time with your New Theology or rather say “Theology” against “Hinduism” .

  14. hello! mayang nupa aphao saba dhawan! why on earth you think i wrote that for you? that was for mister rajesh who thinks iam some “kuki” or a “typical hao” who has made the meitei nupis suffer. hello everybody here ! just look at the specific terms he (rajesh) has used to address the tribal community of manipur—-“typical hao”. please do read this particular sentence which he wrote with such hatred about kukis and other non-meitei community of the state—-” i cn’t believe tht u r frm manipur may b a kuki u r jus a typical HAO
    we betta hav a relationship wit a mayang gal den wit pseudo- n.e gal s period”….please, read this one too which he particularly wrote for me ——” JUS ANOTHER CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY PUPPET WHOSE SOLE AIM IS 2 CONVERT ALL D MEITEI N INDIANS IN2 CHRISTIANITY? COZ OF PEOPLE LIKE U OUR MEITEI GALS HAV 2 SUFFER ” , oh really mr.rajesh,? i mean , its another thing that i turned out to be a meitei nupi, but he (rajesh) wrote that particularly for me by assuming that i was some” kuki ” or ” typical hao”. he even thinks that its because of them that the meietei nupis have to suffer! mr. rajesh , you are one peverted piece ! you know what ? as a meitei girl, whenever i used to get harassed by mayangs in delhi, my kuki friends were always there to suppport me, we have been through a lot together as n-e girls, it doesnt make any sense to the mayangs whether a person is a kuki or a meitei, we are all chinkies to them!
    so, please stop blaming the kukis! its not because of them that the meitei nupis are suffering, on the contrary, its the perverted minds of mayangs which is causing the exploitation of n-e women! and for gods sake, stop thinking that they do not belong to manipur, our chingmee brothers and sisters are as much the children of manipur, as we tammees are. we all hailed from the same soil. remember that!
    i just hope that he (rajesh) doesnt turn out to be a meitei, otherwise it would be a shame for us meieis because its people like him who , because of their perverted mentality, actually create misunderstandings which in turn threaten to divide chingmees and tammees which iam really worried about. by the way, mr. rajesh, your problem is with me, so, deal with me straight away! you don’t have to bring the christians and the missionaries in the midst of all this. and stop calling others ” missionaries puppets”, it just shows your hatred towards them and their work! and last, but not the least! stop treating the tribal communities of manipur the way you do, accept them as your own people, got it?

  15. @meitei macha i totally agree with you man you just told the whole truth here i just fail to see why people are fighting here in the name of meiteis and mayangs its just useless and its just creates hatred among us
    lets hope we try to see each others good and love each other

    i sometime think punishment like iran is required in our country

  16. Why are many people wasting their time on this article.??? Such incidents happen anywhere in the world between the same race, difference races etc… Mr. Rohit Sharma was just a Bad guy.. There is two kind of people in the world, Bad and Good. He belongs to Bad ones.. Metei, Mayang, Australians, Indians should not be brought into this issue… People should more concentrate on what punishment should be given to Rohit Sharma and how women should protect from such attacks. Just KICK on the bad guy’s balls… that’s it…

  17. Shall I give some more websites to debunk you mayang lover Mr Dibba(empty container)?Shall I.I dont think Kangaonline members allow me to do so but dont force them their conscience Mr Dibba!Its been understood by newly reseached book by some renown European scholar that indian as we percieved as hindu are not the real native settle but recently migrated nomadic mixed and confusing genealogy.Some even come to conclusion that the present hindu as they termed were incorrigible savage of the time to ravage the natives.They were thought to be even resort to staple on human flesh as famine and misery were so much prevalent and widespread.Time came when among the savage and barbarism evolved small experimentation which proved to be partially successful.One example is coincidence and relevance is the book written by renown hisorian Mr Jha in his book revealed that present hindu used to devour on various animal starting from present hindu taboo animal cow.Jha want to make out point that it is not about demeaning a religion but inability and superficiality of a religion to accept the truth.This is called debunk!Why did they stop suddenly “devouring”is simple – to just contend the famine outbreak.Another is burning of death bodies in hindu regligion is very much in correlated as Jha mentioned that famine and death were so much wide spread through the communties that burying were not just feasible.All the consequences of raw and barbaric nature their behavioral traits which you these days fangled up time to time like the case of killing their son and daughters,buring brides for dowry,sati(killing of widow),incest among family,female foeticite,wide spread rape culture because of close and narrow culture of exposure about other’s cultures are just few of unique follow up continuing barbaric civilization of so called India(ha ha how word “india”came to exist everyone knows).The present religion is just an offspring of demonic culture and ideologies in better form to facilitate their endeavor and to sustain ever increasing malignation among themselves.Hence,we should be reminded by the fact that indian religion be thought as primary caution and taken preemptive measures in preventive huge cultural decadence.I believe that we are indeed struggling here in Kangleipak is what I m talking about! !Back with more next time!Cheers

  18. @ Ts kikon – Well atleast one person is there from NE who happened to cognize what I was trying to impart all, past three dayz. Others hmmmmmm God help them with their desolated brains.
    Yes I do agree with you because of some jats and biharis Delhi is getting a bad name.
    I remember once Delhi was known as city of “friendly people” but now it has become one of the pessimal city in the country where every day killing by some bikers or rape cases or corruption… just a normal routine.
    Yes for sure south is still better than North. But then, specially Bangalore is now overcrowded with biharis. And that day is not far when Bangalore too will become like Delhi.

  19. @linda you are somewhat right about mayangs but going through your posts here your attitude is filled with animosity ,even to others please use restraint because i don’t think all mayangs are bad as all meteis can’t be saints you see

    p.s : i am half metei and half naga so please dn’t attack me : P

    @mr. dhawan not all metei nupis/nuaps think like ms. linda here most of us know who is good and who is bad and lemme tell you this i have seen how racist delhi can be i have been through that shit myself
    especially i just don’t like those jats and biharis they are just parasites and give delhi bad name i feel south india is much better

    regards to all

  20. @ Linda -“ YAAMNA CHINGNARAGANA ADDRESS SU PISALLAKURO, LEIKAI MAMINGA SU PALLAKURO, METEI NUPI OIRAMBASIDADI PELLAMMANINE ! aduga somna mayang ro? natragana mayanG mathun nappa meetei macha? “

    Good you told me that you are a “Meitei” girl so NO need to send your address as I don’t need a proof to enquire about you being a “Meitei”.
    Off course I’m a “Mayang – As you all say ” lolz. No offence in that. So don’t think that I’m a Manipuri and talking against Manipuri people.


    Just because of few cases how can you say that we “Mainlanders” are doing bad things to a “Meitei” girl. And please no one is blaming you lolz.

    @ khuman – Well kiddo I’m not going to talk more about you cause you are not even with your state, with your people then how can we hope of you being a good citizen of any country ( India I didn’t mentioned cause I don’t give a damn about you looser).

    Do write in English from next time as it is very time consuming to translate Manipuri to English and then replying you all guyz. I can’t ask everytime my Meitei friends to get it translated for me.

  21. when we meiteis have our sanamahi religion, we dont have to be some missionaries’ puppets , moron!……..and if you wanna be with some mayang girls, so be it. as if people will give a hoot about it !

  22. ohhhh! you were curious about my identity? of course idiot, iam a natural born MEITEI girl myself, infact my name is linda laishram and iam from singjamei , YAAMNA CHINGNARAGANA ADDRESS SU PISALLAKURO, LEIKAI MAMINGA SU PALLAKURO, METEI NUPI OIRAMBASIDADI PELLAMMANINE ! aduga somna mayang ro? natragana mayanG mathun nappa meetei macha? he he he, very funny !
    now coming to the point , you have literally stated in your writings that ” COZ OF PEOPLE LIKE U OUR MEETEI GALS HAV 2 SUFFER “,

  23. Well said Rajesh, they don’t know even how to addressed themselves. A guy/girl ( Let it be Meitei, a Paite, a Kuki, Hmar or a Naga ) from Manipur addressed themselves respective to their community but not by their state name. What the s**t. You are living out there, you are earning from that state and instead of calling yourself as a “Manipuri” you are addressing by your community name. Really you guyz are going to change the future of Manipur. We are proud of you.
    Racism reside deep within the roots of Manipur and yet you talk about “Mainlanders” being a racist.
    @ ron – Buddy don’t explain to those people who are empty headed. You will just waste your time like I did.
    @ Khuman – You are the biggest ass***e I have ever met. Who is not even with his state when the chief minister is asking help from the “Central” and you are busy calling him a “Beggar” then how can we hope from you being a good Citizen ? What is the problem with you ? Tell me. Are you trying to take control over Manipur by being a Underground Cadre or you are just trying get fame and all that Nuisance. Well what plan you are upto but please don’t play with the sentiments of the people ?
    And please, I never supported Gandhi. Check out my above comments if you didn”t happened to understand. It was a biggest mistake he did
    1. Dividing the Nation into two parts ( Pakistan for Muslim & India for Hindu ). What the funny part, donating our land.
    2. Merging NE regions into Indian Republic ( Silliest mistake ever done ). As people are full of hatred, violent, racist and moreover anti against India.
    @ Chingmee – Let me tell you lolz I never supported anything related to NE people. I know, you all are frustrated & tempered because of cheap act done by “Mainlanders” but then you can’t hate them all.

    Finally @ Linda – You said “ OH REALLY ! so chweeet of her, and why not ? shes become a MAYANG herself , cant you see it for yourself ? and if some day she starts talking like us, i bet you are gonna leave her that very moment “.
    Well this shows mentality of a typical “ Tribal girl converted into Christians by those Missionaries “.

  24. @LINDA
    kinda personality r u showin….dis is so narrow minded i cn’t believe tht u r frm manipur may b a kuki u r jus a typical HAO
    we betta hav a relationship wit a mayang gal den wit pseudo- n.e gals period….

  25. buddy dhawan…
    dis all racism happen coz of few mayangs only…
    they started it and u guys supported it….
    no offence but dats true, nd dats d reason we dun like dem….

  26. OH REALLY ! so chweeet of her, and why not ? shes become a MAYANG herself , cant you see it for yourself ? and if some day she starts talking like us, i bet you are gonna leave her that very moment, anyway, not my business!
    but you know what! you are just another typical mayang with a typical mayang mentality, its so easy to see, no different from others of your lot, its another thing that you have a n-e gf who you keep bragging about in your writings all the time, which kind of gives a twist to your otherwise mayang personality but sadly, doesnt do you much good!
    nevertheless, my special prayers to god are with all the n-e girls ( that includes your gf too ) staying far from their hometown so that they dont end up like the CP victim ! and with all such things becoming quite frequent, i and other n-e girls really need to sit up and think ten times before getting into what you call ‘A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH REAL MAYANGS’.
    anyway, DHAWAN JI, iam literally quite done with you !

    • Please Linda,Stop thinking and imagining this fool Dhavan as Mayang as you perceived.HE IS NOT MAYNG AT ALL LOOKING AT THE SOME OF BLABS THAT HE MISTAKENLY SPEWED….You know what mostly the mayng named kanglei are mayang lover most of the time.Hence we should start mayang named witch hunting should be campaign or else they should change their name earliest to being hunted!YOU ADDRESS HIM AS “FAKE MAYANG”OR MAY BE “BLACK SHEEP”I m telling you he is loser kanglei!(his real name tagged like Brammachari mayum krisna Kanta Singh ha ha ha ha there are many funny name nomenclature in Kangleipak…ha ha ha ha )I want to stretch my legs and laughss..

  27. I think we should stop talking about those “Mayangs” & “Chinkies” from now on.
    Enough of it. Cause one thing is sure that some of you will definitely not change, never.
    Hatred against “Mainlanders” and everyday of mass killing, extortions, abduction by various UG groups in NE has totally stepped back you guyz in the past. Rather than improving our future we are fighting for our past, how we are addressing each other ? Good, carry on.
    Now, not going in much deeper just tell me one thing.
    Why some of you hype the issues faced by NE in North India but never ever explained or report problems ( name it – mass killing, abduction, extortion or…) faced by so called “Mayangs” in NE.
    You are being against racism and yet you do racist act.

  28. @ Linda – I think it is worthless to explain all you people. Cause in some of you hatred ( by Khuman ), violence and immaturity lies deep beneath the heart. You all hype the issues faced by NE in North India but have you ever explained or did you ever report problems ( Be it mass killing, abduction, extortion or…) faced by so called “Mayangs” in NE. Nope, never.
    And you are talking about “What I’m gonna do to my GF“ ? So would you be kind to tell me why I went to Manipur even though I knew North Indian ( “ MAYANGS ” – U like calling us that ) community are brutally killed there, getting abducted and extorted ??? Every or the other day, they are getting ultimatum to leave the state.
    And for your information I already told her what I wrote here and please don’t figure it out by yourself that I don’t respect her. We both have an excellent understanding but it seems you never had a chance to have a good relationship with a real “MAYANGS”.
    And lolz she will not have any kind of problem, it was because of some girls from her region only ( again I’m saying “SOME” not ALL) that we faced problem there. Even she knew it very well.
    And lastly, I’m just sharing my experiences with you all and I don’t feel ashamed telling the truth.

  29. “I don’t mind being addressed as an Indian”wow!Could you clarify why you thought you are indian!and why other sud be?What the base?How?….Someone come help!Time to stretch out legs and cry!

    • Don’t wanna be in an argument with u bro.. Just wanted to make u liberal as others, that’s y I was writing here. I guess I’ve mentioned the term “MOVE ON”, so I was doing the same here.
      Since u were born, u must have faced many bad incidents and if u keep a note of all these things and thinking of taking revenge then how could u survive in this f**king world. 😉

      • Nice try !He he he You mean to say that for in order to understand and being in conscious about own identity and love for the Kangleipak need”u must have faced many bad incidents”Umm!I need to ponder then!So,Can I deduce also that you ve luke warm feeling or numbed headed beacuse you ve nt face any “u must have faced many bad incidents” ha ha ha !!!Turned Over!!

  30. @ Linda – I think it is worthless to explain all you people. Cause hatred ( by Khuman ), violence and immaturity lies deep beneath you people.

    And you are talking about “What I’m gonna do to my GF“ ? So would you be kind to tell me why I went to Manipur even though I knew North Indian ( “ MAYANGS ” – U like calling us that ) community are brutally killed there,
    abduction and so…. ??? Every day or the other, they are getting ultimatum to leave the state.
    And for your information I already told her what I wrote here and please don’t figure it out by yourself that I don’t respect her. We both have an excellent understanding but it seems you never had a chance to have a good relationship with a real “MAYANGS”.
    And lolz she will not have any kind of problem, it was because of some girls from her region only ( again I’m saying “SOME” not ALL) that we faced problem there. Even she knew it very well.

    • Listen everybody!Mr Black Sheep@Dhavan is busted!Please read carefully the last para…you will come to know who exactly is?ha ha ha He seems to be trying to project himself as mayang so that “how mayng would be enjoying and taking ride of NE girls”..You can say its like fantasizing and nothing!He is even trying to play in his mind,trying to help in his way which it seems he enjoying or may be he getting backfired too.Haha…Keep doing lean and weak!Nothing will help this as your tactics is worn out already.Cheers!!!

  31. JEALOUS !!! of whom? do you mean the mainland indian girls and their double standards? or the afrikanos or the iranians? no way, not even in hundred years! the guy has got a twisted sense of humour….
    jokes apart….but i do feel sorry for what happened to you and your gf, people everywhere tend to get very suspicious about suck kind of couples, not just in NE, but the whole country! not just the parents of mainland indians , even our elders just wont approve of such unions in maximum cases, i dont think guys from my community will marry a girl if they happen to find out she had slept with a mayang / s in the past! thats the kind of country we live in…
    but its getting really sickening to see you keep writing about your gf every now and again, maybe you have got issues or something……yeah, yeah, i got it! shes NE girl, i understood! but come on, man, shes your gf, someone you have chosen to be with, i dont know what you are planning to do with her in the future, but atleast, for now, show her some respect and stop writing about her, it gives out a very bad impression, shes going to have a real piss-off when she finds out.
    the next time when your mainland indian friends start commenting on NE girls character, dont fight ! just tell them, as a matter of fact, that there are many mainland indian whores out there waiting to be discovered, they might as well shift the focus of their attention ! PERIOD.

  32. I guess this discussion is taking the wrong turn. I do hate some mayangs and no need to mention that I hate some Manipuri’s also. What I’m trying to say is that no single person is same, whatever be the race it depends completely on the mentality of that person so it would be wrong to judge as a whole. I have lots of Non-Manipuri frens (which I sometimes call them mayangs as a joke, and they also don’t mind it) who are really cool.
    So guys please chill out, this discussion is shifting more towards racism that to on some baseless issue.
    And one thing, there are some revolutionaries in our state, I agree that we have some bad memories with the British and the Indian Government, but ignorance is the key to all solution and we should move on. I don’t mind being addressed as an Indian.
    Do correct me if I’m wrong in some sense.

  33. @ linda, did I said any thing about entire NE girls. I clearly mentioned there “some of them” lol.
    I never said that girls from “Mainland India” are very Pavitra or “Doodh Ki Dhuli”.
    Did I ?
    Go to Punjab, Delhi, Mumbai or any of the Metros. You will find so many girls from Mainland India that can’t be trusted as westernization is getting heavily loaded on us. . Now don’t think being a Punjabi how come I, talking against them ( or me ). Let’s be realistic in the way we think about others.
    And why are you getting jealous when I’m pointing out those “Africans” ?
    Should I include their “Iranian or Mainlanders too”.
    I’m just telling you the truth only what I faced being in college with my GF from NE.
    Because of such girls – people from North & NE and even the lecturers too looks on us as if we are some antique piece or we both are from different worlds.
    I remember when I went with my GF to Coimbatore to take her sister out from school ( because she wanted to go back to Manipur ), people out there was so cheap with narrow minded. We couldn’t get a hotel because of their illogical thinking. They thought something else. And after having few verbal fights we end up staying in “School premises”. As It was a girl school so I was not allowed inside and then I have to spent whole night talking to those guards. Here what I’m saying is why those people did that to us. Might be because of some previous occasions.
    And there is nothing wrong in wearing those skimpy dresses ( not to the extent when they are showing even private clothing ). But do those girls dressed up in the same manner in their hometown too. I mean dressing up in the way showing your private cloth.
    I would probably say NO because I have already been there in NE. You go to Kohima, Imphal or Lamka. People are very well mannered, open-minded, friendly, women are very fascinated. Offcourse girls there wear low west jeans, short skirts or whatever but not on the merge of showing their “Private Cloth”. Do they do same when they come out to this Cities ?? ( I’m not saying only about NE girls )
    Let it be clear. I’m not talking about me but when people are so “Conservative” out there in these cities then why to dressed up like one and be the centre of “Attraction”.
    Lolz when their thinking is low that then why to dress up like that and let them open their “Big mouth”.
    Go to goa beaches or any of them “You will find womenfolk from whole of the country in two pieces, whether from Punjab or Delhi or NE”. People out there have adapted themselves, accordingly. Because if they tried to raise voice against it then ultimately they are going to get affected not we.

  34. @ Khuman – I can assume what kind of person you are ? I have so many “Khumans” friends, they never says anything like you but you are the exceptional case. I think its not your fault probably you might not have got knowledge, teaching from your elders. And if they have tried giving you what they knows then you must not have grabbed it. And in that case you will definitely end up being one of those “UG Cadre”.
    You are the same person who gave this link :
    Amazing, you believe this crappy thing and that too when the owner of this domain is
    “Moin Ansari” with the server located in “New Jersey – United States”. Wow.
    And then you talk about China defeating India in Sino-Indian war. Lemme tell you one thing dude that in every war either of the two country ( or party ) is winning not both. So what if India lost against those Chinese in 1962 war. After that we came to know about our weakness not their which we can prevent & improve in future. It’s good you hate “MAYANGS” from the deepest core of your heart. Continue. Atleast, I’m not like you who will hate entire NE just because of you, some UG groups, some silly girls ( doing weird and unwanted things blindfolding their parents ) or so.
    And I’m happy that I have so many friends from NE who don’t think in that way like you do. May GOD bless you !

  35. MR. V DHAWAN , mainland indians have a very wrong notion that its only the n-e girls who are morally loose, but they have no idea of what their womenfolk are capable of. i know a lot of mainland indian girls from my college days and workplace, they just want to have a good time just like anybody else, they go to pubs and get themselves drunk, smoke, are quite sexually liberated, many of them having more than one partners, get themselves up to date with the latest fahion and that includes wearing low waist jeans and skimpy outfits…..oh yes! they are very conscious of their family esteem or izzat, so you wont even get a whiff about their many acts, they are skillful, discreet, and very very clever.
    infact, n-e girls need to learn a thing or two about the art of concealing from their mainland counterparts. the happy-go-lucky attitude of n-e girls is what is actually turning against them, they are so trusting of others and very naive, they need to be a bit more sly like the mainland girls, trust me, mainland indian girls really know how to be a good and a bad girl at the same time depending upon the situation, very smart! too bad, their menfolk are too busy finding fault on other peoples’ daughters and sisters and get themselves fooled by their own women.
    by the way, mr. v dhawan, do you hate negroes? and why have you specifically mentioned about n-e girls sleeping with them? are you trying to prove something?
    let me remind you something……..i dont need to support any u g group in order to want FREEDOM, no one can dictate to you about freedom, the feeling has to come from within you . its called REALISATION.

  36. Interesting!British used to treat indian as slaves for almost 300 years and consequently,inure to as slaves as ever.Just after their independence,they starts immediately what british had precedented to neighbouring regions by malignant mindsets.Why all this?(ask your conscience u all mayngs).This has created instability in the regions.You what,China won trounce india in 1962 should a good lesson as chinese never made this curry people as slaves or confisticated any of the region as war price!(it wud have great other way round,this time china wont miss the chance I think).Definitely We loath you people from the core of the heart.

  37. I’m not being offensive “Linda” and I have nothing to do with you. I know you were commenting on Sandeep but then the way you wrote about those UG in a supportive way, I felt it like that. That’s it.
    And by the way I’m not angry or discriminated by the word “MAYANGS”, really. Do call us what ever you want to call. I don’t care. At least it is not worst then – when those f****n “BRITISHERS” used to write “ DOGS & INDIANS ARE NOT ALLOWED ” and treat us like their servant. WTF.
    But what I’m trying to say is someone has to end this. Let it be you first or may be me.
    For instance I’m trying to make my “Ignorant” friends feel like “when we Indians are getting bashed up, tortured badly in western countries because of “Racism” then how North-East people will think and react when we call them “CHINKIES” and some other slang words. In the same way you can also Initiate lolz.
    Even my parents before doubt about me from the fact that I’m their Son because I have girlfriend from NE, wearing low west jeans and blah-blah-blah. Hahahaha. But then I’m the only son so they understood about it and never tried to stop me. Why I’m telling these things to you all. You must have got it lol.

  38. hey! i wrote it for s****p, not for you, he thinks that people of j&k and n-e are baggage to india and that they should be made independent so that india can save her scarce natural and economic resources and i only asked him to tell his great leaders to get us free and finish this emotional drama once and for all, that was it.
    hey! that was just a friendly request but you took it sooooooo personally, mr. dhawan. just chill and relax, believe me, i have got nothing to do with you, but your name reminds me of one ayesha dhawan who had this very bad habit of calling me chinki-pinki ten times a day in the hostel during my college days in delhi, and whenever she saw me talking to my mom on the phone, she would always shout from behind to tell me to speak to my mom in hindi so that she could find out if i was complaining about her ,ugh! those days and nights were hard for me, well, i have not stop complaining about her till date, and iam quite sure other n-e students must have had similar experiences …….alright, you want us chinkies to stop calling you people mayangs, then just stop calling us chinki or chini-minies or jungalies or chinese or japanese or whatever you name us, it is as simple as that, i understand you are not like them, but a large chunk of mainland indians are just like that!
    we live in a real world where the pain is real, people are not as forgiving or forgetful as you want them to be, if you are nice to people , they will be nice to you, if you are not, they just wont, thats so human, you are fuming because i call you people mayangs, now you feel the pain, dont you? we feel the same when we are called chinkies by other indian people and made fun of, so much so that i think it has the potential of becoming a national issue, something like ” the great indian nation and the menace of racism”, what do you think? you guys think you can have a great time discriminating others , but when those same people give it back to you, you just dont seem to take it nicely , ughhhh!
    by the way, from my personal experience, you are the first non n-e person who thinks n-e is a part of the country , otherwise it is like, ‘ hey! which country you are from? why do you come to our country? aaplok india mein padhne ke liye kyun aate ho? kya aapke desh me koi school college nahin hain? aap lok china se ho? aap lok to nepali ho, manipur nepali mein hi to hain, why do you people live in jungles? what! i cant believe you people have an airport in manipur? why do you people eat rats and snakes? you dont grow vegetables in manipur? the list is endless, god help mainland indians and thier overactive iamgination! lol…….

  39. “linda” the way you talk it seems you are also a part of those f****n miscreants ( Revolutionary Group – Doing a Good Thing according to you ) or else if not then you may be helping them in some or the other way.
    Why you all Called “NORTH INDIANS” as MAYANGS. Can’t you addressed them nicely. And if people from INDIA ( As you think u r not a apart of India ) call “Chinkies” then you all bring in “DISCRIMINATION” issue. You are being a “Racist” but you talk about “Racism”.
    What is this ? When we all are going to stop pointing on each other ? When…..
    Why you all have so much hatred for us even if the main culprits are that Gandhi and all other f****n leaders.
    Lastly. From all the above comments it seems that all North-East think “INDIAN MAINLANDER” as a “Demon of S****l desire”, they are illiterate, they don’t have moral values, they are cheap. Then I think you are wrong. How can you think of whole community because of some A**holes ?
    Let me tell you about my experiences. I’m living out there in Bangalore past 5yrs.
    And all these yrs I have seen Girls from North-East going to Pub, getting Boozed up, sleeping with NEGROS, wearing very SKIMPY dresses and enjoying Hell a lot just to get into “Big Lifestyle”. They are not only betraying and blind-folding their parents but they are also prevailing the wrong image of North-East.
    Apart from me ( Because I have a GF from Manipur ) and many others, people out here think Girls from NE are cheap, they are whores ( Mind Me ), they don’t have moral values. Sometime I’m fighting to my friends because of all these but then I think It’s O.K. some or the other day their fishy Mentality are going to change. At least I’m happy with my GF.
    Finally because of some F****n rapist entire North India can’t be blamed nor because of some Silly Girl from North-East entire NE should be blamed for it.
    We are not GOD to make assumptions on the basis of few stupid and Inhuman act done by our people.

    • mayang is not a racist or vulgar term… Mr…. from the writing about mayang you must have misinterpreted…. it means Indians living in our west side…. remember we were once a country … so we have names… like avas for Burma… No offence … it’s not like the vulgar term…you people coined…Chinkies

  40. Why dont you Mayangs ask your leaders to set us free and help us get one step closer to our struggle for freedom ? Our revolutionary groups have tried for years but in vain! Anyways, the country is going to fall apart sooner than anybody has imagined. Too many divisive politics will surely bring it down and it always works that way! first j&k and then the whole north-east !
    That mayang SANDIP needs to be told that we are not benefitting either by associating with them. OUR state Manipur was a self-sufficient nation in the south east asia before it was mercilessly merged to the Mayang Union, and ever since, the political and economic degradation have escalated in the state. since 1949, mayangs have been rushing like FLOOD in the state and feeding on our natural resources, you mayangs have been sucking on our blood big time……the scene is very much the same in other northeastern states too…….i mean why do you idiots even appear on this site and expect us to post your s########? this is just not the place for you, somebody needs to tell you: GET LOST !!!!

    • Your minds are rather pickled and you need to forget about joining the human race as rational human beings. You live in a foolish paradise and are the sickliest specimens till date on this part of the globe.

  41. It’s not like Indian Mainlander treat North-East like second citizen..At least I’m not…I’m in a relation with a Paite girl from Manipur past 3 yrs whole of my family knows about it and her too…

    First of all we need to change the way we think….I’m staying here in Bangalore past 5 yrs and my perception of thinking about North-East has totally changed..The problems lies within us only..
    Most of us from North-East wants to make friend from outside India (People from Ivory Coast,Ghana and all) but they don’t want to mingle up with their own country mates..It seems they (Non-Indians) are going to take them away and then they can lead a happy life..Hahaha..Then how we’ll know about each other cultures,values,social life…

    Because of some illiterate,narrow minded North-Indian guy you can’t just simply say that “Perversion, is in our blood”…Not at least in 21st century..
    Nor I should say anything about whole North-East because of some people out from there..
    Though I’m a Punjabi from U.P. I’ve been to manipur,stayed there for at least 1 week,greeted out well from loving people out there and I have never thought of that region as a different part of India..Such a great place..Friendly people,Pleasant whether,Different cultures..

    And it’s not that government is not doing anything but due to corruption and lot of other issues it takes time..Even me as a North-Indian,we faces lot of issues living out there in Southern part of India but that doesn’t mean whole of South India can be blamed..

    And about the chinks issues lemme tell you that atleast I don’t like calling North-East as a so called word “Chinkies”..I never addressed any North-Eastern person as a Chinky..It’s of no use when they don’t like..Let them be addressed by there respective state name or community or may be tribal name..

    Well just a small thing to say on stupid comment given by Sandip “getting rid of this baggage”..This shows what kind of a person you are..
    If according to you India should take out baggage ( Give Independence to Kashmir and North-East ) then I think only the capital (Delhi) will be left..
    What you say ? Coz every state will ask for their freedom too as they all have different languages,different cultures..

    • Absolutely true. Why the hell one should ill treat people from North East? It is a beautiful part of the world. North Indians or Indian from any other part would never be able to see the paradise North East is. It is complete ignorance on the part of the rest of Indians about this part of the country.
      The government has shown so much neglect. It should be focal point of not just the state government but whole country to ensure North East is developed simultaneously and brought more in limelight. Sports persons from Manipur and other North eastern states have brought laurels for the country so many times. They need to be treated well.
      North East can actually hold key for India’s development. They have huge potential for hydal power. This is a good news for power hungry India.
      Let’s turn North East into a our Switzerland.
      However, I would like to admit that people from all the North eastern states should stop complaining and work on building their respective states with whatever they have. It is better to use energy in positive way rather than waste it on blame game. Let your hard work, your ability to fight against odds speak for yourself.

  42. Delhi is a hell for the North-East girls. What do those disgusting mayangs think of themselves.We are not toys that they can play on and on.And Delhi Government is not taking any actions on the matter. It is becoming a casual thing to them.We have to rise our voice.

    • You guys are useless and should be thrown out of the country. What the heck is India benefitting from pea headed guys who have only a lot of bull shit on your minds? You are traitors…and thats all there is to it. Mayang…then why are you angry at being called a chinkie???? Your outlooks is derogatory as your minds too are so. One stupid person who talks like this does not give your land a great image pal. You are a sweeping ambassador for your land…and remember that.

    • Yes…you should separate from everyone and since you are not competitive or up to the challenges of life, even living in Chennai, you cannot learn about the humanity of mankind…you must separate and go high up in the Mountains to live peacefully. You are a misfit after all…a dumb good for nothing…full of kippers on your brains.

  43. i don’t think there is hardly any reason to be patriotic towards india jst we ar (happen to be)under india rule, ******* indian mainlander treat us like second citizen……….we are only silent spectator for last 40-50 years!!!!! this ******* mainlander ,their mind set is not going to be change even after 50/100 years…..perversion, is in their blood

  44. Sandip, the topic was not about independence or freedom btw.
    Lemme tell you something which you won’t be aware of.
    Whenever you mayangs see us, they ask if we are chinese, nepali, bhutanese etc. etc. and it feels that we are secluded from being an Indian.
    But that does not mean that we want independence and all sorts of rubbish. Since I was a child, we used to take the pledge during our morning school assembly that “India is my country, all Indians are my brothers and sisters” and where is this damn thing followed by you mayangs (sorry to say this), and you are always racist. And I can see from your comments that you think of us as a baggage.
    And you don’t need to think about the f**king economic and human resources, and don’t behave as if you are patriotic. See the capital itself, how you mayangs manage it, scams everywhere.

    • I totally agree with you. Manyangs are racist to us but elsewhere they are the ones facing it . They are getting for what they have done. And seriously, we might be discriminated against in india but we are dignified. Scams will not take them anywhere. It may take forever for mayangs to civilize as human beings.

      • First of all, I don’t think that Sandip is a mayang. Secondly, by generalizing that mayangs are racists, you are yourself becoming racist.

        We are different from the aryans or dravidians or parsis or whatever. Ignorance is there everywhere in the world. If you look like a tribal, meiteis will ask – “nangdi haora?”. I see that as more of an ignorance than racism.

        If you are talking about attitudes, Indians are generally bad in attitudes, but not that bad in heart. If you had any non-Manipuri friends, you will know what I mean.

        If you are not one of those bad examples, you should stop behaving like one.

  45. My comment was not meant to be offensive in any way, and I’m sorry if I offended people from the Northeastern community. I wouldn’t mind if India granted independence to the Northeastern states and Kashmir. It would probably better for India. The use of force to keep these states within India when these people don’t want to be part of the union is really a waste of economic and human resources. I don’t know what benefit India is getting out of these states by keeping them under its control. By getting rid of this baggage, India can concentrate on development and lifting people out of poverty.

    • I am not going to drag for long since topic in this forum is not about independents …but let me tell you one thing ….stales like J&K / Northeast states are the magnate that is keeping all the states of the India as a country. At least one state got independent and next moment the Punjab is a separate country, Entire south India is a separate country, probably Hyderabad, Allahabad, Bhopal, Agra etc.( Muslim majority areas) will join to Pakistan !!!!!! So where the hell India exists, do not think the leaders who running this country are …….. like you. Well needless to say your comment shows your maturity level.

    • you are right sandip…. when India was under the British… many British supported and took part in India’s Freedom Struggle… but we do not see that in our case…… so you should work with the people fighting for self determination so that India becomes a strong country after giving freedom to those who want freedom….
      India’s national Interest is not in forcing people to be Indian… you should join Arundhati Roy…. Long Live India… Long Live Manipur

  46. @Sandip
    He proudly called himself Mayang……. hahahaha!!!!! I am proud of you Mr Mayang…….

    If you Mayang hate us so much, why don’t you give us independence? like a country of our own? If you do that, I don’t think we would ever step to the country called INDIA. Anyway we need to come to Delhi and other bigger cities just to be friendly with you guys, and trying to show you some morals and may be earn you some pride to the world…. Inshort we are just reminding you Gandhigiri [Guess he is closer to you by blood than us] Above all, to be aware of the Mayang’s policies………

  47. I am Mayang and live in the US. I have one question. Why do people from the Northeast come to Delhi when they are treated so badly here? Maybe it would be better to go to Southeast Asia (Thailand/Singapore) or China for higher studies where the people and culture are more similar to yours. Maybe it might be too difficult get a visa and financially difficult to go these countries.

    • @Sandip
      Why do Indians are still in Australia when they are kicked around and killed?
      Why do Biharis are still in Mumbai when Shiv Sena and MNS beat them evryday.

      Why do you want to live in US??

      Very silly question….

    • Watch your mouth Sandip. Your comment proves how childish you are as a person. Oh YEah.. you are a mayang, so I shouldn’t be surprised. My advice is to mature yourself a bit in order to post descent commends.

    • Well! Mr.Sandip .The proud mayang .I lived in Singapore and many of my fellows Manipuri’s are studying and working here for your information. We are more happy and comfortable here not because of staying in Singapore but to be out from India specially Delhi. I think u would also feel the same when u reaches US. I travel a lot and of course, we have problem with Visa’s because UNFORTUNATELY we hold INDIAN PASSPORT, which people of other countries always surprised, How Come such a looking ,soft spoken, well mannered ,good attitudes be an Indian, then I have to explain to them that there’s place called Manipur in the northeastern part of India blah blah blah…. I know How Indians are treated the moment you step out from your country just because of whom…..MAYANGS.By just being rich or famous and skilled doesn’t give you class in the society, it’s by being human with good attitude and morals which you guys terribly lacks. So sorry to say that you are one among them, proudly thinking that you have reached US and people from manipur are financially cannot afford to study in Singapore n have problem getting VISA. I certain believe other fellows comments that you must be yellow cab drivers, there’s good no. of Indians I could when I travel New York. You must know that HOW PEOPLE (americans) ARE SICK YOU GUYS. GOD BLESS YOU! Sandip happy driving Yellow Cab. BTW! Where r u in US?

  48. this is sickening! [content removed] .girls from the northeastern states need to be strong if they have to survive in the capital, delhi is not always known to be a safe place for womenfolk. people in delhi have a false notion that all the girls from the region are loose and that is true for all the females hailing from the region.maybe, indeed, there really are some very loose northeastern girls roaming around the capital who is giving the whole region a bad name, maybe. in the classroom, university canteens, hostels ,everywhere ,people always remind you that you are supposed to be morally loose and that you can never be decent even if you are always well behaved and fully clothed . remember, you are a chinki female and you dont deserve respect, that was what i was told. every now and then during my eight years stay in delhi. those were the darkest years of my life but i survived and emerged even stronger. one fine morning ,during my m.a. first year, when i and a couple of my female classmates ,all northeasterners, were walking down the university street ,two punjabi guys ,out of nowhere , came in a bike gushing towards us shouting prostitutes prostitutes prostitutes,and then, hurried away. it happened so all of a sudden that we couldn’t even react. we were just like any other regular students going for our class but that whole incident made us feel bad about ourselves. what made them say that to us? we ask ourselves , does it have to do with the place we come from or with our distinctive looks which sets us apart from other indians. and if you do react , you are always told to go back to YOUR COUNTRY. many of them dont even know the region is a part of the country. i and my freinds have had enough, we agreed never to let any delhites and for that matter anyone, made us feel bad about ourselves again and that we will fight every discrtimination hurled against us. i actually for the first time felt proud about the northeastern poeple and their warm and generous cultures . we have got so much within ourselves ,our own cultures and that was the first thing we needed to know in our fight for dignity, we ought to know ourselves ,our culture, .our whole identity. when you know your roots well ,you gain in confidence and that was what happened in our case. we raised our voices and we succeeded . i asked myself ,am i really what they called loose? do i deserve this s***? the answer was a BIG NO, and i deserved much better. okay , there are really some nasty s**** out there giving innocent girls a bad name, but hey, such deviants are found in all cultures, and at some point ,they and only they will have to pay for their deeds and you and i do not always need to be blamed for it. we only need to be responsible to ourselves and thats it. so, my sisters from the northeast! speak up, raise your voices , fight every fight for your dignity ,only you can bring the much needed change around you, the revolution is in you, bring that out, teach those b******* a lesson or two, you deserve much better . i pray to god that he gives the victim and her folks love , care and above all justice.

  49. every northeast girls working or studying in cities like delhi should already aware that such incidents have occured many times. they must prepare themselves & take precautions for it. they should carry some primary weapons like sprays,electric shocking device or even small knifes with them. and remember the law will be on your side for taking action for self defense against those b*******.
    CMON girls make those b******* suffer for such kind of behaviour

  50. How I wish the mayangs said that you manipuri people are great, you have a great culture
    you people are excellent in sports, highly talented and your women are good characetred and
    have high moral values. Yes, I do have good and honest mayang friends and they did say those
    nice things about us on more than one occassion (except anything about our women however).
    Our women folk should understand that they represent an image of our state, community and
    family and sometimes even our country. It is natural to judge, assess and form an image of
    ones community or family by observing how the women folk conduct themselves in the society.
    This holds true for all the caste creed race et al. in the world and particularly for lesser known
    communities like ours. This simply means women have a great (though untold but well understood)
    responsibility upon them.They are the one who have, and not us guys, the potent power to make or
    mar the image of our beloved motherland and our great race (one is not racial if he/she is proud of ones race).
    let this be known to you dear sisters, the history of this country is full of stories of our own Joan of Arcs,
    who fought alongside their menfolks and when defeat was inevitable those great Rajputanis did ‘Johar’
    (consigned themselves to fire) only so that the marauding mughals and other infidels never got to touch their
    bodies. Manipur too had unsung great daugters who fought alongside men and sacrificed their lives
    so that our motherland never fell in the hands of infedels who came calling. You are their descendents.
    Ask what you have done to your motherland and your community. It is heartening to see how
    good manipuri girls are distraught because of the shame and insult they experience as a result of the unholy
    deeds of their unenlightened sisters. Not all is lost! we have now Marykoms and Saritas among us Great
    daughters of Manipur and the pride of all Manipuris wherever they are.

  51. Mr Raaj has said in a very sweet way to make you understand but I won’t say as he does because you touch our sentiments with your “Empty vessel make more sound” knowledge.
    Let me make my point clear, when you used the word “Humanity/Race” I feel like you are a TRAITOR. I guess the 3 parties, 1. The party being cheated, 2. The traitor and 3. The tempter (or the gainer) are all of the human race I guess. And when you justify your stand, you show your color.
    As I go through your comments, you seems to be abit intimate with the mayaangs, so you ought to know better than us about them. Or have you become so blinded by the fortune you see for the moment?
    And about the killings in our state, that too seems to be the mayaangs policy(as they seems to be wiser than our politicians). We really need to educate ourselves and return home and need to save our state from the clutches of the so called wisers, but you seems to be running away. That proves that you are a traitor again. Anyway if you are not educated please do whatever you want and please called yourself from other states/country so that we are not look down by the mayaangs.
    And what we are trying to do here in this particular topic, is we are trying to prevent next rape attempt and also punish those who does. Anyway there are good mayaangs but these good mayaangs don’t commit such things. And the mayaangs we talk about here are those who doesn’t know humanity. After all these if you don’t understand then you must be a fool. And there is a saying “Fools doesn’t learn from the advice of the wise people untill the touch the fire themselves and knows it true”. So when you become a victim don’t say “If I have listen to them”.

  52. D.Singh, you said it so right! Let’s live the way we live back home with our parents, I guarantee you that most of the problems will be solved. Let’s also not compare back home with here. Delhi has people from all over the country and the world and the perception and attitude here differs from what is in a smaller town. I have been living in Delhi for nearly 6 years now and what I have realized is that so long as I feel discriminated against….I am discriminated against. Let’s for once feel like we belong and not behave like we are some koreans or chinese…………..the rest will fall in place. Having said that, what happened to the alias Mary was wrong and I hope the culprit gets punished.

  53. It’s very unfortunate that molestation and rape keeps on happening.. but it will keep on what do we do? think again, people r sometime very bad ….can’t even be called animals. the best action would be ‘kill or get killed.

  54. Has that poopla girl really left? phew atta girl !!. certainly our good sisters dont lke her and others like her. She did make a very interesting reading though. However, what a waste. her fine literary talents should have been put to better use. She with her writeups has only consolidated the fact that our girls themselves are more responsible for the soup they find themselves in every so often. Up there Lucid you are right, our guys also behave more like nincompoops. But hey girls not all are like them most of us mongolian guys are more dashing and virile ask girls who know!!
    Like I said elsewhere this is just a phase. our girls (and that includes
    all our babies from NE also that Poploo girl as well) are sooner than later finally be able to see beyond their colored glasses.
    Let us try to understand,
    1) they are like frogs (no offence meant) somehow got out of the well. now they want to see the world as much and in as little time, so they hate us (the one who know more and have been around for years) when we caution them of the dangers lurking at every corner.
    2) Also there is a very obvious (though the girls dont realise) inferiority complex that makes them do things to prove themselves and others that they are no different from others. However in this pursuit they overdo (befriend locals, skimpy dressings etc.) and often attempt other wild things. The result is they end up labeled cheap and available.

  55. Wow! …what can I say? …It’s funny that some people still live in their dreamy so-called “Utopian” society where everything’s so calm, peaceful and balanced, even though somewhere in the corner of their hearts are aware of the fact that it’s not the case. Well, coming back to reality, let’s us just remind these poetically enlightened souls that places like Delhi are filled with beasts that are awaiting their chance to feast on these self-proclaimed enlightened but ignorant gurus of human relationships. Well, it sounds a lot better and appreciated on a philanthropic book but I guess, we all need a reality check sometimes… to begin with, try and understand the psyche of a typical guy in Delhi when they see a “Chinki” girl liberally clad. Nothing against what is worn but some should try and understand where to wear these…

    In short, it’s all about being cautious and safe living in a place where we are considered outsiders with cheap culture… Sorry to say that but that’s the reality…

  56. I wish you could offer some solutions to the problem. You are also a potential victim. But not a victim yet, i think .I wish you could give TIPS to avoid such crime. You know the psyche of convict very well and your TIPS will be worth sharing here if you could offer some time. Lets save the people of our state.

  57. Here we go again. Forget it. You fellows are impossible. Humanity and human relationships are beyond you. No more discussions with a soft skinned person like you. You are welcome to live in your own Utopian world. Good bye! I am not a mayaang…nor a human from any limited geograhpical boundaries…but a girl who belongs to the race called humanity. The whole world is mine and I belong in it. Not a toad in the pond.

    • Nice take on humanity.But we have to accept the reality ,most of the mayaangs(both male n female) think girls from NE are easy.
      When mayaang guys approach a NE girl they do it without batting a eyelid but those guys think 2-3 times before approaching a mayaang girl.Don’t know why they think that way.

      • Just like that many women throw themselves into the the sea of serpents in the name of race. I don’t appreciate when they call it “RACE” to hang out with non-Manipuris late at night. May be they should study more on RACE, I bet. Needless to say, they can built their own avatar in their workplace, colleges, schools. Whatever, there is no solution to this confusion unless women threat themselves like they used to do at their home town. NO OFFENSE!

    • poopdevi…

      no offence but i think u sud stop lecturing abt humanity here. most mayangs hang out with NE girls and at the end they dump them except for the ‘fortunate few’, thats how many girls like to term a mayang marraige. its a known fact so shut up about ut utopian humanity. get real

    • hi LOO-Devi,
      ur head’s full of shit.

      an UTOPIA is incomplete without HUMANITY. rather – the later complements the first one.
      any society, without doubt, would love to be nearest to Utopia, if perfectness is not achievable.

      your a person of low self-esteem who’s full of prejudices and lies, who’s heart is filled with hatred and vengeance (vengeance for no harm done against you). it’s typical ‘chinky’ girl’s attitude infamous throughout the world.
      it’s GREED that’s driving you insane and shameless. with all your twist and turns to cover up your false deeds and kinkiness, you end up DESPISING your own brothers, fathers and friends. you CANNOT be TRUSTED by ANYONE, not even by your numerous mayaang-boyfriends and incestous father-in-laws.
      ask you immediate father and mother to teach a lesson or two before you come out in the open to DESPISE us. or, it will become a NEED to socially boycott and educate your parents. mind my words.

  58. It’s actually very frustrating with these kind of incidents creeping up on a regular interval with nothing much done to address them. I don’t blame every North-East girl for portraying an image that is cheap and easy to these so called “Mayangs”, but a lot of girls from the North East need to understand the mind-set of the society here in “mainland” India… they sort of need to curb their so-called “untamed” freedom which results in putting up a screwed perception to these sexually desperate Indian bast**ds. …and because of their lack of respect or unwilling attitudes to compromise to these safer norms of life, a lot of innocent girls end up being the victims. There’s nothing wrong with their way of life, but I guess what’s more important is that they need to understand that people here in Delhi and elsewhere have pre-conceived notions about girls from the North-East which isn’t good…

    But whatever the reason, there’s no excuse for making such sick unsolicited sexual advance…

  59. The only thing I would like to mention here in this comment section is that:

    “Never go out in the late night and never accept drinks from a strangers”

    Please make sure of this two points…….it will really helps you and it works…………………………Try it ( For Women & Girls)

  60. Sir/madam,It is unfortunate to hear such type of unhuman activities performed by rohit,manager of restaurant.A lot of thanks for saving the prestiges by herself although there is no one to help her.
    MR.Rohit should be given capital punishment;so as to safe the future generation from such type of molestation or rapist ,to prevent future generation and to learn the lesson rewarded for sexual harrasment to the that this type of case will be prevent in future too.

  61. I agree with what lucid have said. There are many N.E. women in north India who are intoxicated by the luxurious life or lets say mayang culture. These women do not hesitate to spend time with the mayangs. They have no idea how these perverts have in their mind. I understand many organizations and parties are giving their best effort to stop this but believe me – no one can. N.E. women should stay secured when they already know that they are living in the land of mixed demons.

  62. I think we shouldnt make complain about snow on neighbour’s roof before cleaning on our doorstep. Most of the time the ‘chinky’ represents only the manipuri to many people who even dont know where Manipur lies. Lets clean our doorstep first and suggest our neighbours later. Make them envy us for they will imitate us. News of this category hardly caused a ripple in the Capital like our own killings of non-manipuri. Lets remember what DESAM recently announced.

    • what DESAM said is like saying – ‘manipuri guys should stop marrying manipuri girls so that mayaang guys stop marrying manipuri girls’ as if mayaang boys have got authority upon us.

      i am in a live-in relationship with my girlfriend and DESAM’s not gonna stop that.
      don’t even try

  63. well, there’s a lot of reasons to the attack –
    #1. mainland is infested with mayaang perverts
    #2. the pro-mayaang cheap people from our region have already set a low standard of lifestyle and poor values
    #3. liberalism and freedom to choose has been misinterpreted by our oldies and women as detesting our own menfolk
    #4. this rarely conservative girl, in all probability, might have denied the molester’s sex request
    #5. the cheap girls from our region have set a precedent to all these happenings
    #6. we guys aren’t protective of anything which is ours, and we all act like gays
    #7. prostitution of NE women in delhi region (delhi, gurgaon, noida, manesar, etc.) is thriving
    #8. our girls detest us
    #9. their uneducated and poor parents would coax them into marrying mayaang boys.


    • By reading your comments, I would like to tell you that I have analyzed your character quite well. You must be ready to get yourself treated for this defective psychology that you have grown up with. You must otherwise be put up in a musuem we are creating for our indigenious people here in the northeast, and specially Manipur. Great gentlemen like you will never allow Manipur to open up and grow. You can easily blame, abuse, destroy the Mayang psyche, and they do not even bother. Can you go and speak frankly about the horrors of the UG groups in our state who have already pushed us into the medieval times like the Talibans? Do you have the guts to spew venom on them like the way you can with the Mayangs? We are not being brave sensibly. Accept it. Then you may speak as much as you wish against the Mayangs and show that you are really better than them. Otherwise, you are just one more of those multitudes who are shadow boxing with the real problems of Manipur and blaming all others except yourself. May God give you better sense…

      • @poploodevi
        your reaction is just another example of ‘truth hurts’.
        mine was a purely personal opinion after spending 9 years now in delhi. it’s your personal choice to have as many mayaang boyfriends/husbands as you like. i have no problem with that. however, somewhere down the line some people get directly or indirectly affected by your activities. i have two sisters here with me and we understand better. they don’t like you either. you tend to believe that you are liberal, but why is it that your choices are always wrong? mayaang boys are the least liberal and your favorite paangals are the worst one at that. why don’t you lecture your boyfriends and father-in-laws instead of wasting time with someone who knows it better? sorry, but it would be respectable lady you whose gonna be in the museum. insurgency is a bit irrelevant and out of context with this topic. you better discuss that with your corrupted ‘kwaa chagat chagat chaabi’ government employee mother or your corrupted father who sent you to delhi for ‘studies’.
        instead of despising meitei guys, it’s good to start earning some respect from us.

        • Thank you very much for your wisdom, but you may keep it for yourself and live with your hatred. You are also a true example of the fact that you prove our xenophobia and love to blame others for our mistakes. My boyfriends and other friends are much more matured and sensible than shortsighted, softskinned people like you. And, please all Manipuri’s are not like you. The hatred with which we use the term mayaang is derogatory, and so why should we feel hurt if they call us chinkies? And, I am extremely ashamed to be asked about the rampant, random killing of mayaangs in our state and our culture is very rich, as we are peace loving people. Far from it, is what is the image we are projecting though. You guys had better do something to earn good respect for your motherland. That is the need of the hour, and then we start dictating and insulting others.

          • hmmm! you are at it again. trying to relate the molestations and

            rapes of our innocent girls in delhi region with insurgency and
            its outcome in manipur. first of all, try loving your family here in manipur instead of despising them. you should understand that you’re born here amongst us. even though you might hate us ‘chinkies’, we don’t
            hate you. even though you are ‘mayaang maanba’, it doesn’t mean that you are mayaang. remember, you are minority and we reared you not to allow you to insult or despise us.
            why do you advocate rampant rapes and molestations and murders by mayaangs? if you are a real mayaang impersonating as a person from manipur or if you are a manipuri girl or if you are a manipur gay pimp, remember that , manipuris haven’t yet shot or killed their own sisters or daughters for eloping with a person outside their cast. there is not even a single case of incestuous relationship in manipur, which otherwise is rampant in mayaang society. we never had ‘sati’ system and ‘draupadi’ syndrome. truth shouldn’t be regarded as offensive. btw, the term ‘mayaang’ is derived from ‘meeyaan macha’ which means ‘other people’ and so it’s a plain simple word. and ‘chinky’ is a synonym of ‘chink’.
            i ignore you and your multiple sex-partner/boyfriends calling me ‘oye chinki’! 😉
            ***regarding the ‘random killings of mayaangs’ in manipur there are different forums to discuss that and not this one. and no one has asked me about this yet, unless you spread the ‘fake’ news. even if asked, i don’t find myself ‘ashamed’ of it, rather consider it as a social issue which needs to be addressed by the local administration in imphal.

            ***i am also proud of the fact that a tiny and very poor backward state like Manipur supports above 4 lakh migrants, especially from bihar, rajasthan, punjab, UP, bengal, etc.
            while manipuri population in these states are almost nill, except a cosmopolitan but non-secular Delhi region which is the CAPITAL
            city of india (if u didn’t know it).

            i am NATURALLY pro-manipur and pro-‘chinky’ the same way you are pro-mayaang.
            don’t take it seriusly ‘sister’. or, isn’t your real name POOPLA SHARMA OR POOPLA SINGHO?

        • yeah i agree with u r comments and all stuffs..but i want u to remind onething is ..why wont u never say those people living in Manipur as manipuri …why u mentioned as ,,meiteis,,,,pangals..mayangs or hao.. instead of mentioning such stupid words ..if u mentioned as manipuri then it would be nice for all of us.. if u mentioned as meiteis mean the people who is a where r the mayngs or hao or panngals who live in the state called Manipur.???.first the word meiteis should be avoided only then ,,why u feel shame to use the word manipuri,,,,only then manipur can be change….to blame each other wont change anything..first we should changge our mind by ourself …i think u get the point……think for Unity is Strength …

      • Please look the world from different perspective (dimension). If you look from Mayang’s perspective then you will see all other (manipur, NE or any other) wrong. You will feel what mayang’s are doing the best and correct. Please don’t be under that illusion. Mayang’s are the worst creature known living creature in the world.

        we need to be extra cautious. It is a natural phenomena for a person to enjoy, have fun, like to grow up, like to achieve. But at the cost of own dignity, hmm thats not commendable.

        Therefore, all including men and women from our region should fight collectively.

  64. Have you ever heard of any mayang being the similar victim at home. No! You know the reason. Yes? But it will be an exception. Everyone know how to change the perception and erase the crime. Lets live like how we live at home with our parents. This will certainly do the rest.

    • There are some points in your writings that can be pondered and considered. I would also like to supplement in your perception theory. When you say that any girls who come to study in Imphal besides meiteis, pangals, or mayangs has almost the same situation, its not wrong… what i would like to supplement is, should we not attribute these perception to the mayang culture adopted by the so called meiteis?

      further more, agree or not, hindu has a lot of impact in these kind of behaviour. most of the “Tamgee Mee” has a stereotype perception towards “Chinggi mee”. Why? agree or not..”hindu!”

      • There are universal law and local law. Again there is a particular culture in specific area. Anyone who deviates from these two becomes a deviant to that particular culture or area. They are stereotype by the native. They are susceptible to many problems as they are threats to the native.

      • Thanks priya for reminding me this. But i dont think living with this thought will be the ultimate solution. Education is not knowledge. Education is action. We should act. We should defend ourselves. We know we are not at home. There we have local law which protect us by our brothers who fight for us. At home too without them we will have to wait for verdict for years. Great defence makes good neighbours.

    • D.Singh,

      You said it so right. Let’s live like the way we live like we live with our parents back home! many of the problems can be avoided. What happened at the restaurant was very bad. But yes, may problems can be avoided.

  65. Many of you will incur resentment for my opinions and revelations. I am a Manipuri. I think i ought to say something for my state. All know this debate and unfortunate incidence occurs frequently. And it will remain unsolved unless we know the solution. All of us know the solution. But we give a shit. Thats why the problem continues. Perception of us to them is the same with what we perceived of the similar victims back home in Manipur. But this news are alien to our local media. Ask yourself – who are the victims at home? Who are they and what is the perception of them by you? If you dont agree with me then you have never met anyone. Ask any guy between 17 and 24yrs about what they think of ‘girls’ outside meitei,muslim and so called mayang group who come to Imphal for their studies. All are good and same like other girls. But ask about their perception by the mentioned age group. In Delhi our perception and their perception of the possible victim is more or less the same.

  66. Protest was done infront of the restaurant with candle light service demanding apology from the owner as well as the accuse. The police called up while protesting and conveyed that the accuse have been arrested. mainstream Indian’s std union and ngo’s even join hands.The court chargesheet will be produce within a week, thats what the SHO promised.

  67. Its high time to take measure by deaf politicians and medias for the required changes in and out of our state. I understand North-East has always been treated like clowns all the time (male or female). In the mean time when we are fighting for our rights, external measures are needed to be taken by responsible people. It’s easy and thrilling to read extraordinary news out of a paper or our monitors but not when our time comes. A SCHOOL BOY CAN’T SLAM A COMPLAINT AGAINST HIS ABUSING TEACHER WITHOUT HIS PARENTS.

  68. I will be happy if she cut or break one of his part so that he will not forget for whole of his life.
    Come on our girls, show your braveness and teach them some lesion.

  69. I would have thanked that girl if she slapped and do some physical injury to that mayang man in response to his rape attempt..

    I hope all those who may face such acts in future to cause injury to the rape attempts boldly.

    •  women are raped all around the planet..whats the fuss about some nE irl raped by  some Mayangh..WTF.
      Grow up dumbfucks….it women against pervert men.wHAT ALL YALL FAGGOTS GETTING WORKED UP FOR?


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