9-year old girl electrocuted at Maram


IMPHAL, Sep 10: A 9-year old girl reading in KG-II at PP Christian English High School at Lairouching was electrocuted by a fallen wire from an electric post located about 500 metres from the school yesterday at about 11:50 am under Mao police station.

The minor girl is identified as T. Pungdila of Lairouching area.

Sources said that the unfortunate incident occurred while the minor girl was trying to collect some fruits.

The life of the student could have been saved, if the lines-men on duty were available at the time of the incident, but even after immediate hunt for the lines-men to cut off the main line in order to pull out the victim proved futile, said the sources.

In the meantime, the Maram Students Union, in a statement signed by its president expressed its dismay over the incident of the girl student’s electrocution at the school campus.

It said that the incident is the second which occurred in Maram in two consecutive years when villagers were electrocuted due to fallen wires and weak electric posts thereby creating phobia that such incidents could happen more often if necessary measures were not taken up immediately by the concerned. The incident is the second time in two consecutive years when two villagers of the area have been electrocuted.

The deceased T. Pungdila was an orphan girl being looked after by her aunt. It demanded the concerned authority to grant ex-gratia.

The school authority and villagers also expressed their condolence.


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