An Appeal from DBS Alumni



 It is with extreme anguish and pain that the past students of Don Bosco, Imphal learn about the crisis that is taking place in their alma mater because of some monetary demands on the staff and teachers of the school by some armed underground outfits.

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s pillars on which the society will stand and these very pillars have been shaken because of various reasons, of which the students themselves have no role to play. Education is to human existence what water is to life. Equally important to freedom and justice is education, as neither freedom nor justice can be sustained without education. In Manipur, ‘Education’ over the years has been a victim to various circumstances- corruption, politics, administration or lack of it and the list goes on. Already months of academic days have been lost because of the prolonged economic blockade and the consequences that followed. A school is not merely a storehouse of knowledge but also a temple where one learns the basic principles and ethos of life.

The Alumni Association condemns the demands made by the said outfit as the staff and teachers are doing a selfless service with bare minimum of pay as their salary. The school is run by a non-profit, non-commercial organization and fees from the students are the only source of income by which the school is being run. It is, therefore, appealed to the group concerned to kindly reconsider their demand and withdraw the said demand for the sake of the students who have already suffered a lot for no fault of theirs. In case of any misunderstanding that might have arisen, an amicable solution can always be arrived at through positive interactions and negotiations.

The Alumni Association, on behalf of all the students past and present, also appeal to the group making the said demand and also to all such groups and to the general public at large in making educational institutes a terror free zone and to help and contribute towards building a better and conducive environment for education, our only hope for a brighter future. Let us not spoil the future of the coming generations.

Don Bosco Imphal Alumni (non resident)
(Non Resident – Past pupils of DBS Imphal who are not based in Manipur)

[The press release was sent by Ringo Pebam ringo.p(at)gmail(dot)com, on behalf of DBS Alumni (Non resident)]

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  1. These parasites don’t know the value of education because they are mentally not developed yet, had no formal education them self (for lack of interest), brain washed beyond reconciliation or just out right greedy to even care.

    Fear an terror is the only way for them to rule and suppress the mass. Common, any fagot can weld a gun and declare himself king of the jungle? But its is not going to make you any better than the common thugs that you are.

    These “Lions” hide in their mouse hole when the more poweful NSCN comes knocking.


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