Assam’s Enemy Number 1


Bengali Hindu clerks came with British from Calcutta and Dhaka in 1834. This was the first batch. From then on they have been coming in large numbers to Assam and are an unloyal, ungrateful breed of people.

In 1836, Bengali langauge was imposedas official language inAssam. Who was the brain behind this? A group of Bengali Hindus.

Who spread the notion among British officers that Assamese is a mere dialect of Bengali? The mastermind was a group of Bengali Hindus.
In 1960, who opposed the use of Assamese as the official language in Assam? It is Bengali Hindus
In 1970, who instigated the Khasis to form a state called meghalaya? It is Bengali Hindus.

Who are the refugees who come to Assam and set up Bengali medium schools and oppose Assamese in Assam? It is Bengali Hindus.
When the demand of use of Assamese language in the signboards in Guwahati was raised, who cunningly put forward that Bengali has also to be used because Bengali is also an official language in Brahmaputra valley in Assam? The cunning fox brains was that of Bengali officers posted in Assam govt offices.

All the unrest and division of Assam into so many parts has been planned by Bengali Hindus. Bengali Muslims are the poor labourers.
Bengali Muslimsdonot form plans in the Assam secretariat to make Bengali the official language of Assam or to divide Assam and Meghalaya to have more power by dividing the native people of north-east India.

But the AASU, AGP Aand BJP talk of chasing away Bengali Muslims. If Bengali Muslims (cleverly called ‘Bangladeshis’ by Bengali Hindus) are Dhakaiyya immigrants (immigrants from Dhaka), so also are the Bengali Hindus who have already captured South Assam districts and towns.
BJP, the Marwari party in Assam talks of throwing out Bengali Muslims, but why did they kill 25000 Assamese people when Advani was home minister of India!!

In reality, Bengali Hindus are the ENEMY NUMBER 1 of Assam and the people of Assam.

Yours faithfully,
Haider Ali,
Member, All Assam Minority Students Union, Nagaon.

(Reproduced from Imphal Free Press)


  1. No matter what,Indian in general except some part of south are irreversibly,incorrigibly absorptive(politically speaking).As bangoli is concern,ask any other Indian(apart from bangoli) one will get just a negative facts about this genre.Quarrelsome,high headedness,talkative,opportunism, and the most dangerous one is “chada nauda shanba areiba lamda…hanba gi wa leitey” All said by the writer is true and true.They are not enemy but dangerous species among mankind.

  2. whose brain was behind the burning the Puyas of Manipur and the imposition of Bengali scripts in its place… Bengali Hindus
    … who reduced the Tripuris to a minority… Bengali Hindus…. who is
    the real enemy of the North east people?… Bengaoli HIndus who
    constitutes the maximum number of Indian nationalist thinktanks… it
    is time we all realise this and do something… people.. it’s already

  3. Good well said…now use the Bengali Hinhu as a pivot to further your interests…. Assam is a suffocating place… Bengali Hindu, Assamese Hindu, Bengali Muslim, Assamese Muslim, Marwari, Bihari,Local Manu
    Bodo , Upper Assam, Lower Assam and whatnot. Half an hour flight from Guwahati to Calcutta and the air gets cleared.

  4. beyond all said and done the malich(dirty) will remain malich(dirty-as a honest rajput friend of mine likes to use for their word kafir).
    i have a dream ,
    a dream of reclaiming the land of my grandfather and kick out all maclich from there.
    to mr whoever ali u know the equation for world peace is
    world peace = world – Muslims(malich)

    for the rest who like to call ur self Bengali
    don’t just talk bengali and eat ilish mach do something abt being bengali
    it is disappointing to see people whose community produced leaders like bose, aurobindo ghosh and c r das shy away from revolting against the malich, and live in foreign land calling it their new home, my friend ur only home is Bengal precisely east Bengal, not east Pakistan or Bangladesh

    mail me at

  5. MR. Haider Ali…
    being a member of minority students union …try to make strategies to educate ur minority people…this will even help u .. b a good human being rather than creating a misunderstanding amongst the various people who dont give a ”**** ” about what u r trying to do here …..and remember…the constitution allows people from both the religion and ethnicity to live anywhere they want to in india…..

  6. You seem to project bengali muslims as a poor labourers who are innocent.. but you have to remember.. that even if the district you mention became 90% bengali hindus, still assamese hindus can come and reside there peacefully, without any bullying..

    But that is not possible for assamese hindus, with bengalie muslims.. when bengali hindus were themselves victims of bengali muslim atrocity in their own land, its unjust to accuse them in other places..

    Btw, by assamese, whom do you represent.. assamese muslims or assamese hindus..

    If its assamese muslims, you might not have any problem with bengali muslims.. but if its assamese hindus, then they have far severe problem with bengali muslims than bengali hindus..

  7. A specific religion does teaches infidels(kafirs) are to be killed-you cannot ignore those words. Its because of these teachings that that relgion had laid waste to entire countries-because they think that their god will condone them.

    Blaming others for the inherent defects of ones religion is not going to help.

    Then why does the word Kafirs and Jihad come from?

  8. Dude, when will you stop blaming others for the damages you have done? Why you blame a whole community just to hide your sins? Its funny you want yourself to be called a minority group ( just to get the benefits) inspite of your uncontrolled population growth owing to your ban of birth control programs.

  9. No religion teach us to kill or blame others . Its the people who took religion’s name for their self benefit. Better avoid such people . First try to be a human rather than killing and blaming in the name of caste ,language ,religion etc. Better grow humanity than growing politics .

  10. Just rove your eyes across the trouble spots of the world; almost 99% have issues where there are muslims; there are no Bengali Hindus to create disturbances. Mr. Haider Ali—-the very faith u r professing is at core of all ills. Some 800 years ago, There were no Bengali Muslims but now see after the Arab–they form the largest ethnic group. Why dont you go back to your roots?

    • The bengali muslims should learn bengali very well in assam. They should not be forced to be assamese. The the problem will be solved. I am a muslim and I support thet bengali muslim should learn bengali not assami.  Abdul


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