Ccpur residents call Khuga an impending trap


LAMKA, Sep 1: Several dams have been constructed in the state and not even one is completed. The Khuga dam has taken the longest time ever of about 28 years to date yet is far from completion though attempts are being made by the state government to inaugurate it this year in spite of opposition from Churachandpur residents on many grounds.

So far the dam construction has incurred Rs. 350 crores according to Tanumacha, EE, who earlier supervised the renovation. He further maintained that for proper water supply for irrigation a hydraulic hoist would be installed at the spillway components shortly. Maintaining that it is the attempt of the state government to make water flow in the right side canal upto Kumbi which is about 60 km from the dam and at least upto 20 km on the left, but the ground reality is that it flows only upto not even 10 km due to apparently fear of collapse of the banks. On the left the water does not reach upto Mata village.

According to him the earth dam has sunk upto about one feet and they were mending the levels at the time this correspondent went to meet the EE. He added that as far as he knew there are about 30 to 40 pending bills with the local contractors and the dam has become the talking point of all residents in the district nowadays after the JAC for Khuga Dam pointed out the occurrence of leak in the components with the result that many are up against it terming the dam as substandard and an impending trap.


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