Disgrace to all


It is disgraced that some vested individuals have started a campaign for separate Hill administration for the Tribals in Manipur without knowing even the interpretation of the phrase “Separate Administration”. What do they mean by the phrase? This negates the decision and declaration of the 3rd Naga Peoples Convention held on 1st July and also the SOO of the Kuki, Zomi and Hmar peoles movement. These individuals should be held responsible for sabotaging people’s initiatives. Mr. Er. Ashiho, Ashuli Mao and Peter Anal should be immediately be recalled by their respective tribe body for explanation call before they be declared as Anti Naga.

If they represent the SNUNS then the SNUN should explain of their role. In this situation vested individual should not be allowed to exploit the people’s movement. Who are these people? How can frustrate individual can highjack the hard earn peace and Indo-Naga political talks?

Time for tribal Hohos to control their individuals within their jurisdiction before it is too late. Appeal to Mao Council and Anal Hoho to take notice of this dangerous initiatives to sabotage decision and declaration of the Naga people.

Issue in the interest of all concern.
Yours sincerely,
Joseph Pame,


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