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Four UGs caught by public

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Imphal, Sep 26: Public of a locality in the outskirts of Imphal caught four militants and handed them over to the police on Sunday.

According to the local people of Moirang Kampu in Imphal East district the four persons were working for the KCP(MC) and were held this afternoon in two separate incidents.

In the first case, two persons came looking for one Gram Panchayat member (a Pradhan) identified as Wahengbam Dhiren, 40, in an auto-rickshaw at around 1 pm. At the time the pradhan was doing some manual work of the NREGS with the local people. The two persons identified as one Rohit, 26, and the other identified as one Nanao told the pradhan that they were from the KCP(MC) and asked the Gram Panchayat member to hold the mobile phone as their seniors wanted to talk to him. The pradhan refused and an argument began. In the turn of the argument, the two strangers placed a box containing a hand grenade saying it was a gift from the elders. The local people on sensing some trouble taking place caught hold of the two persons and handed them over to the Imphal East district police.

A couple of hours later, two more persons came in a two wheeler to the pradhan’s locality saying they were from the Imphal West district police in civvies. They came to enquire about the trouble happened two hours ago in the locality. The pradhan sensing some suspicion asked the persons to produce their identity cards to which the two strangers failed. At that moment, the locals again caught them and handed over to the police.



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