Imphal East police get pat on the back from SP for controlling militancy


IMPHAL, Sep 13: The Superintendent of Police Imphal East has lauded the success of counter insurgency operations and other allied activities conducted by the district police to restore normalcy in the district.

SP Imphal East K Radheshyam during a press briefing this afternoon at his office at the Imphal East District Police station mentioned that the strategy of the underground KCP (City Meitei) to carry out extensive extortions and kidnappings has been checked to a certain level following the elimination and busting of several hideouts of the outfit during operations conducted by the Imphal East district police commandos.

Stating this, K Radheshyam, during a formal arms display function held this afternoon at Imphal East police station at Porompat, further disclosed that the entire police commandos deployed under the Imphal East police have been kept on alert in the aftermath of the killing of a woman who was the wife of a worker of the state Health minister Ph Parijat during July this year, and also a series of kidnappings of the various social workers and government officials by the UGs suspected to be KCP (City Meitei). The Imphal East district commandos have taken up intense strategic operations in various suspected areas, he added.

The SP further mentioned that as apart of offensive operations the Imphal East district police commandos have set up three sub-posts of commando units at Yaingangpokpi, Lamlai Napet and Sekta village.

He also mentioned that all deployed personnel of the newly opened sub-posts were kept on alert resulting in the apprehending of a total of 69 UGs till today. Out of the arrested UGs, seven cadres were confirmed to be involved in the recent killing of a woman, kidnappings of several workers of the state Health minister and government employees from the Lamlai area.

He mentioned that the hardcore activists of the KCP (City Meitei) were arrested by the Imphal East district police commandos during strategic operations conducted since last one month. They were identified as RK James Tangkhul, 18, of Somsai in Ukhrul district, Konsam Naocha, 30, of Huidrom Litam Makhong, Heikrujam Ranjan, 18, of Nungoi Mayai Leikai, Mayengbam Aleng alias Nonglenngamba, 19, Nungoi Mayai Leikai, Ningombam Sunil, 40, of Huidrom Sorok Maya, Khaidem Nabakumar alias Nanao, 31, of Samurou Awang Leikai and Nepram Priyojit alias Nanao, 18, of Leimakhong Chingmang.

The SP during the press briefing mentioned that the district police have been able to achieve success in counter insurgency operations during last one month by arresting one armed smuggler, 11 KCP cadres, 21 KCP (MC) militants, one of the KLA, six of the KLA (U), three KYKL activists, three KYKL (MDF) cadres, one member of an armed gang, 10 cadres of PREPAK, four PREPAK (VC) cadres, four PULF cadres, two UKLA (MC) cadres, one UNLF cadre and one UNPC cadre.

The SP Imphal East while displaying the arms and ammunitions recovered from the arrested cadres, mentioned that a total of 14 sophisticated weapons were recovered from the arrested cadres since last two months which included one lethod launcher, one US carbine, one AK-47 rifle, nine 9mm pistols, and two .32 pistols.

The SP Imphal East further said the activities of extortions by armed gangs was established following the arrest of some of the gang members during strategic operations by the Imphal East police since last few months.

He also mentioned that with the increasing support and cooperation from the public to prevent any form of crimes there has been a gradual reduction in crimes and other anti-social activities in the state as compared to the last few years. He further added that the Imphal East district police is open to any public grievances for which anyone may contact on telephone numbers 9436023204 and 9862683924.


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