Is Korean film good for youth?


Hanjabam Aruna Sharma
Does Korean movie effect or corrupt the minds of the young people is the question that can be raised in the present scenario. In a state like Manipur, an average youth watch all sorts of Korean film ranging from love story to action etc.  If you go and ask, ‘Do u know rain or bi’? , to any young girl or boy, they would definitely say  “Yes”…. I do know him. That is the present context of our state. Many billboards of the Korean actors and actress were put up on the side of the road or in front of the beauty saloon so as to attract young audience. Fashion of the Korean actors and actress were very much like and followed by young audience. It is so obvious to state that many young people would love to have a hair cut of “rain” instead of Shah Rukh khan. As a result, we can say that many youth do follow the trend of Korean film actors and actress.
 “I really like their fashion”, said by shishi elangbam.

“Imitating good culture is fine but youth are imitating the fashion as well as trying to be like them, which is bad”.- Nirson thongbam.
Despite of all this, much of the Korean movie involves in “love” and “sacrificing for their love”. The youth are very much involved in their lifestyle but are not aware of the adverse effect that leads to corrupt the young minds.

“The chemistry between the lovers in most of the Korean film is so cute and innocent. In life, there is no larger thing than love. Most of the film are very natural and look realistic”, said by Sonia Chongtham , a student.

Moreover, Apart from imitating their style, words like “sarange” and “aza aza fighting” haunted everywhere in thier sms. The penetration of one culture and language is not a bad thing through films. We came to know much about them like their style and way of living etc through films. But rate of having a girl friend and boyfriend in a very young age is increasing.  The psychological behaviour of the youth changes through watching films. They tend to act like them. Much of the students got married at the young age, when they are not even able to stand on their own. The deterioration of the behaviour of today’s youth is indirectly related to watching of Korean film. So, one should be very careful and not excess to it.


  1. Mr Sharma Hanjabam…. let me assure you that ur inner feelings of inferiority and ur fear of losing ur belongingness is unfounded. For so long we have been misled and misinformed… let me clarify

    my believe is
    Bamons, Meitei-Pangals, Meitei Bishnupriyas and Meiteis are One entity …. speaking Meiteilon
    Lets exclude Religion here… like Vaishnavism, Islam, Christian and Meitei Marup/sanamahism etc….
    My name might suggest i am a Meitei fanatic… i am not a meitei fanatic….
    and equally i hate bamon fanatics who finds it repulsive to use Meitei words and the fact that we had a Philosophy… who thinks they brought Hindu philosophy to the otherwise tribal meiteis….
    My thinking is …Meitei itself is a nation…
    The lai peoples originating in the Koubru+Poireiton’s Neo Tibetian stokes+Moirangs+
    this process did not stop there….. Tekhellambam has Tekhel origin,
    Haobam, Haobijam etc…. has tribal origin
    Khetrimayum has Nepali origin
    Bamon and Meitei Pangals… has Nongchup haram origin
    But all of us assimilated and made this entity… THE MEITEIS
    and respecting the philosophy of the Lai people is something i learnt from a very learned Eyamba… Brahmacharimayum H. Sharma who is a Meitei thinker but he still keeps his title ….
    i have been sensing this feeling of mistrust and division in our Meitei family…. it’s time we accept this problem….and so lets look at things from a scientific angle and work together to remove these division based on scientific thinking of the original Lai People and not the orthodox Meitei Marup….
    i would like to share Meitei thinking but we are planning a website for that and it would take some time….
    what do you say?….

    for more discussion welcome to

  2. Its good to read the above comments but according to me its not bad to copy the styles and the sense of the larger nation instead of Sharukh khan who still does not know how to wear a pant according to us.But then it is also necesary to lean Hindi as most of the northeast people cannot go to Korea to study or to earn, We however landed in India only and most of the people from North East are facing problem due to lack of Knowledged of Hindi Language. i think its high time to decide whether the youngsters should learn KOREAN or HINDI?? It is your call

  3. Kind of lame, the youngsters des days trying to be a wanna be.. I have koreans frens n dey r nowhere like the over the top characters u see in the movies. Wonder when the plastic surgery mania will start in manipur which are as common as getting ur teeth braced in Korea!!! BTW korean movies r populer all over the world cos of their original thrillers nt love stories.

  4. hi 2 all! im tony studying homoeopathic in chennai.
    eina hainingbad korea na eikhoida kanaba prakani meiyang cma yengdoi saruk pudi mayam soubnu cd migi migi apambani CDA YAM KHATNANINGAI LEITE. IBUDHOUNA YAIFARE

  5. hahaha!!!!its a very funny thing seeing u all stupid people arguing about it
    i was going on researching about manipur culture place people n this is one of a good article nicely done !!!!
    but what made me confuse is that all the people dont have a sense of humour or to make it clear low iq n am going to add some points about manipur
    this is where it all counts,people can be Category into different type
    majority of the people r very underdeveloped or cave-man like form
    they act on instincts like the time people wanted to separate from india
    a very small dot wanting to be a country that will never happen but still people keep on degrading the state n the fact that people vote the corrupt people rather than the actual leaders n the fact that terrorist exist but has no meaning or purpose of it but to give burden to the people but still the people encourage it funny thing Isn’t it?
    manipur is a wonderful state but the people r not
    my point is as long as people stay in their cave-form they r not coming out of the cave
    asia is rising,the sun never set this is asia century but not countries like india nepal pakisthan uae n other south west countries
    people all over the world r influnce by it their culture development n many people try to copy them but in order to do that they must see all the sides
    yes i believe asia is the future
    but the people in manipur dont see that point

    1.THE NORMAL 1 according to manipur history some families came to manipur from the east esp myanmar that is why they have mongoloid features they r usual fair they ressemble more of them
    2.the developed-this r the people that have an idea about the culture n the prospect they try to be civilised which make them odd amoung others
    as they come close to being civilised they have similar ressemblance to the other asian people
    the 2 ABOVE type i mention r the real asian or korean material

    3.The wannabe or THE AWABA
    MAJORITY R AWABA they try to act without knowing a single thing they just see their celebrities n try to act like them this s the danger,danger without knowledge.This cuz disturbance to the people esp the old mature people
    or metnaba.this is the cuz of all conflicts
    there r too many awaba in manipur that we forgot all about the good side of it .MAJORITY R AWABA.
    i also see that all those who made stupid comment n conflicts r awaba wit iq as low as a Mole(lowest iq animal,present)

    NOTE:Those who think they have much better reason will reply trying to prove THEY r not awaba but the fact is awaba r always awaba
    GET A LIFE !!!

  6. fact is dat we had already assimilate half of mayang and bengoli culture ,……..watching some korean or any asian movie ,will not overnight change our culture( i don’t think its proper to spell as our culture),i respect my culture and religion (meetei), and optimistic abt its conservation…..
    prior to 2000-01 when hindi film was flooded in manipur,no one even objected or commented/care about its effect on manipur /meetei culture, but after it was banned,manipur film industry began to grow and become full fledge entraining source, at least for manipuri………for last 3-4 years , korean movie , soaps and serial are popular among youngster and teenager , …life style have also change as much compared with dat of ’90(hindi film generation),…………….so lifestyle and way of our lives are not statics one ,it is going to be change(with or without korean movie/as we can see the influence of hindi movie in early ’60 and 70) with time,its orthodox to said that “korean movie had ruined our culture or going to be…..

  7. @Rjmorello: Why are you giving stress on that specific line. It is non of your business to mock at peoples who watch korean movies. I do watch korean movie sometimes but that does not mean that I’m a die hard fan of these peoples. I guess you like the western culture more, but at the same time you should not forget your own culture. There are lots of good things to learn from each culture, and at the same time go along with our own.
    I know this is not needed for well educated peoples like you, but I thought it is necessary to remind you of that. Instead of making fun of others, try to behave yourself. 😉

  8. Yawn!! Boring boring…
    It’s really not a good topic to be discussed (I don’t mean to say that I’m a die hard fan of Korean peoples). They can do whatever they like as far as it does not affect me.
    I really enjoyed reading your comments btw.;)

  9. All are maikng valid points here,

    Just to add on I am living in Delhi for the last 15 years, every meitei occasion we celebrated in Delhi have been with Khudei’s and phaneks for all the ladies.

    We do all sorts of meitei celebration only with a zeal to feel at home,not sure how far this crazy stuffs of koreans will last let it be if some people are admiring thier lifestyle.

    I have no interest so I haven’t seen any Korean movies,if you are like me just forget everything and observe.

  10. we have our own identity correct movie is only for entertainment first we should develop our state MANIPUR and spread our culture all over the globe.everyone should be practical anyone can follow any style may be korean,japanese,european etc which they are suitable of oneself but dont forget we are manipuris we have our own identity dont feel shy to say i am from manipur …………….lets hope for the best………………

  11. “Do not try to excess it ” the last statement of the article is indeed a very meaningful message to all the young people . AM a huge fan of korean style. i love the dresses and hair style etc . i love to write an SMS by using some korean phrase or word. But in an underdeveloped state, adapting the korean style is very very expensive for an average family. Bue everyone ones to follow and be trendy. Throwing a limelight- stand in the bazaar for half an hour and see the style and everything- everyone will have a professional hair cut, wear expensive dresses and acessories irrespective of boys or girls. But did everyone think – of the difficulties and financial problem one might facing in one family . Inorder to adapt the korean style- a starightening machine, a gel, professional hair cut, funky dresses an acessories etc. how much a youth finish money every month in mantaining such style may come around 1500 bucks excluding thier cell phone recharge balance. the youth who are following massively this style may either rich or poor, literate or illiterate. living in manipur- adapting the korean style and following the korean culture in a very different environment is very strange . I am a huge fan of korean culture and style. As a korean follower , i like the people to please do have a concern on the present issue. It is indeed a issue that need to watch out……………………….. dont forget!!! korea is a very advance country who does not have an electric problem , no atm queue, no pot holes on the roads and a hardworking people unlike manipuri people ( we).

  12. I don’t understand why all these hate? Seems to me like the real loosers are us who are trying to tell the world how to live. Nevetheless, since you have started.. let me tell you guys there’s nothing wrong in anyone following any fashion or even culture as long as you can remember yours. Period.

    And Miss or Mr Tombisana and the likes, your observations regarding the Manipuris staying outside is really wrong. Moreover you don’t need to knwo how to count 1-100 in Manipuris to be a real Manipuris. If you love Manipur do something constructive which others may recognize and appreciate. It can be anything from driving a cab for the Mayangs to running your own business. It does not matter how/where/for whom you are doing it as long as you are productive, the world will know there was a Manipuri who was the best in his category: Driving a cab or running a company.

    btw check this site: This, i think, is run by Manipuris living outside the state. Feel loved not Hated..

    • 3rd Angle, It looks like you have not read my comments properly. Since the problem of insurgency has taken a bad turn in Manipur I see a lot of hard working people working outside the state. I am not talking about all the Manipuri’s Staying outside. I am just talking about Manipuri Koreans.

    • hope manipur will have to go a long way if you have such kind of thought for ur own people. here the writer is concerned about the present status in manipur. instead of giving an appropriate comment u r passing such kind of immature comments.
      hope u ll grow up.
      long live manipur

  13. The article by Aruna is very ill composed and it doesn’t have any gripping points either. ‘Corrupt’ (the minds) will be too strong a word to use. I would like to believe that people watch movies, they enjoy it, they are inspired/influenced by them (upto a bit) and thats it! Regardless of Indian or world movies/cinema! There is no harm in following a moderate amount of fashion or using a few words. I fail to see the logic how watching movies are making the youth to ‘fall in love’ or ‘get married’.
    And what is the final point? So let’s say these movies are ‘deteriorating’ the youth and their behavoiur. Are we going to allow that? Are the parents/grown-ups who understand the difference between glamour and reality sitting quiet? Aren’t they educated and sensible enough to talk to their wards and sort this out?

  14. @Sanjib, you got a pont there dude. I have observed the same thing as well with lot of Manipuri Family settled outside. Thier Kids can’t speak manipuri. They communicate in English and thier parents are OK with it. Thats Sad man.

  15. Manipuris behaving as if not born in Manipur:
    This should be blamed to the elders of Manipuri elders, civil societies for not doing enough work to instill a sense of pride for being a manipuri.

    I came across many Manipuri families settled outside Manipur. One very common observation is that most of their children cannot speak manipuri and parents are fine with that. I don’t know whether this is right or wrong. But, one thing I observe is that I came across many people from different parts of India residing as nuclear family outside their community/state. All of their children communicate with their parents in their own language and speak hindi/english whenever situation demanded. Go to any bengali family, wherever they may be, they will speak and never forget bengali. Same for south indians, marathis and hindi speaking people. I immediately salute the parents of children who can communicate fluently in their regional language despite their children born & brought up in different environment and different primary language for their hard work in instilling & keeping the culture intact.

  16. When I first read this article, I was wondering whether it worth writing this article in K-Online. When I look into the comments of this small article, I realize that I am an outdated manipuri who loss the track of the current trends/fashions of Manipuris. I didn’t know that Korean movies are such a hit in manipur. Till now, I never watch a Korean film so it’s difficult to comment on the quality of the contents of the pictures.

    One point, I think, may be in the favor of the korean movies may be similarity in the look between koreans and manipuris. For sure, for a manipuri pakhang/leishabi macha, the style or fashion which look good on Korean artistes will suit much more than those styles that suit Hindi movie actors. So, it quite natural for manipuris to connect to their styles.

    I came across 1000 of advises that need to be imposed upon teenagers and growing up folks so that they reflect true manipuri spirit. It’s very easy saying/pointing out the faults rather than implementing it. I, too myself came across a period of my life when I didn’t care for anything at all.

    Parents can be a big influence at this time to their wards. Sometimes, manipuri parents try to be too liberal and lack imposing some family rules and regulations to their wards. Without loss of any respect, I can feel that parent child relationship of manipuris need to be strengthened a bit more. Too much strictness is bad for children and may dent the confidence of a boy/girl. However, too much freedom to their wards is much more devastating. It’s like giving a sport car to underage driver who doesn’t have the required trainings and certainly an accident waiting to happen.

  17. its quite obvious we in general comment like this. We fail to understand and see inside of the article. No one can objet you for being dressed like a Korean star or Indian Star. But most of the youths in Manipur are looking only the fashionable dresses; romantic nature of Koreans; their lifestyle. And we often fail to see their discipline; their hardwork ; their culture. On this part I admire them. Lamgi sanna machi sangi haiduni. Can any of us greet paople like the Koreans do ?; Lets start with this.

  18. I love korean movies,style,dress,stuff,etc.m ready to die fo them!its none of ur business whethr v like it or not!we follow their trends coz it’s cool and suited to us!i hate bollywood and nevr watch it.moreover,i understand korean than hindi!korean wave is not only in manipur but all over the asia!if u dnt like it,then jus keep watching bollywood n wear ur jeans reaching ur chest!Lmfao

  19. ***I stand corrected***

    Like i said earlier Manipuri Koreans are Losers, A BIG ONE. Including YOU and me as we are discussing on this topic and
    wasting out time instead of doing something good for Manipur.

    Can anybody help me answer the question that has been there in my mind for a long time now. I really don’t understand
    why is it so difficult for a group of Manupuri Students studying in places like Delhi or Bangalore to accecpt the fact
    that they are from Manipur? Forget about counting from 1 to 100, they will at times act as if they don’t know manipuri. As
    i have observed this phonomena is very common with the so call group of Manipuri students studying outside which i have
    classified as Manipuri Koreans.

    It is very very painful to see a comment above about wearing Khudei in office.LOL. (i am trying to imagine the mentality
    of the person who wrote that comment). Ofcourse, It is not advisable to wear Khudei in office please don’t do it. Jokes
    Apart guys. All I am trying to say is, one should know and understand one’s culture before adoting others. How
    much do you think you know about manipur and its history. Have anybody of you ever read the cronicle of the kings of
    Manipur called “Cheitharol Kumbaba”? I am sure most of us havn’t read that. And, what have you done to promote the cultures
    of Manipur? Have you ever thought about it?

    Before writing my comment above I sould have know that there are some diehard fans of Koreans. Sorry for being very
    direct and open guys but fact is fact. Can’t deny that. I can cite examples of my interaction with Manipuri Koreans.
    I can show you pictures as well. Their ignorance about Manipuri Culture is painful. The most painful part is they are
    not ready to learn, what more can I say.

    In one of the comments about I see an influence of Vaishnavism (Bhainavism, i feel is the Bangali version). I agree
    Vaishnavism has brought a lot of changes in the cultures of Manipur. With the burning of Puya and stuff we are using
    Bangali Scripts. But, can anybody tell me how many of us know Meitei mayek. How many of us is trying to promote the
    use of Meitei Mayek? Most importantly, do you know to write your own name is Meitei Mayek. Once you start asking
    these questions to yourself you will get answers to lot of questions automatically. you will also start to understand
    why i hate the people from manipur especially students who doesn’t want to accecpt the fact that they are from manipur.

    Forget about cheitharol Kumbaba, forget about Issues in Manipur. If somebody is not ready to accecpt the fact that they
    were born in Manipur what will they know about all those things. First, I would request all of you Manipuri Koreans to
    learn to accept the fact that you are from Manipur. When somebody ask you proudly say that you are from Manipur. That I
    feel will be a step closer to a better Manipur.

    ***To my Friend above, I HOPE YOU ARE NOT A MANIPURI KOREAN. Please don’t think this is directed to you. IF YOU ARE,
    ITS TIME TO CHANGE FOR THE GOOD OF MANIPUR***. I can go on and on, on this topic. But I don’t really have time. Thanks.

  20. [SHUT UP GUYS! If you guys don’t have any other better work to do I will give you guys work, to clean my toilet.] Hired a servant by paying some daily wages.

    [ Discussing on a silly topic like a bunch of LOSERS. ]
    Anybody can give opinion on any topic. That doesnt make anybody loser. If you think giving opinion in this topic make anyone LOSER, you are one of them, since you also give comment on the same topic.

    [Can any of you F@#%*%$ Manipuri Koreans count from 1 to 100 in Manipuri (Meitei lon)? I bet you can’t. ]
    I can count more than that and I like Korean movie as much as I like Manipuri movie. Infact it never occured to me that I will or might have to lose Meitei identity by liking Korean movie. None of the person who liked Western music, western dresses, or Hollywood movie have lost their identity as well. The dress we wore and the style we adopted are infact not ours and they are western. Otherwise we should be wearing Khudei at office. However the matter of convinient make us to wear pants and shirts but that has never amount to lose our identity. Our identiy will be there as long as we speak Meitei-lon, we know our history, we studied our poems and prose in the schools. Whoever girl or lady who adore Korean movie, had to wear Phanek, in Lai-haraoba, Lu-hongba and any form of traditional festival and ceremony. So, stop worrying too much.

    [This is how you are losing your identity.] The lost of our cultural and religions erosion took place only once when we adopted Bhainavism, which lead to burning of Puyas. Nothing more than that can ever happen.

    [Later on if i am able to have a house of my own I have decided to put a big sign infront of my gate saying “DOGS AND KOREANS NOT ALLOWED”. ]
    You can write whatever you like. But dogs are the most reliabe creature even more than human and always loyal to its master lol.
    [These are the guys who are selling Manipur. If you are in Delhi or Bangalore, You go and talk to any of the Manipuri Koreans they will act as if they are not from Manipur.] I have never come across any Manipuri Koreans. [This is why I hate them so much]. Hating someone is like having negative attitude towards life. [ Whatever you F@#*&%$ do don’t you guys forget where you are from. One more thing I have noticed is that they always seem to have a negative attitude towards life and they are very defensive as well. As if they have a huge complex. I am not sure if it is Inferiority comlex or superiority complex.] I know your feeling that you are writing it for the love of Meitei culture and the fear that it will lose due to korean influence and I respect that. I just have a different view that liking a korean movie or for that matter any form of movie does not necessarily alter the identity. No hard feeling lol.

  21. masi gi TOPIC si YU thakpa gi waari toubadaka hourak-kanuko…. nawoon shet-laga penna mari khong-jani… napa thorabi machaa… Korean saa ri ne kaaina… nanang-gan duda shing-gaai baak na shaandharaga hek pha-douni…

  22. SHUT UP GUYS! If you guys don’t have any other better work to do I will give you guys work, to clean my toilet. Discussing on a silly topic like a bunch of LOSERS. Can any of you F@#%*%$ Manipuri Koreans count from 1 to 100 in Manipuri (Meitei lon)? I bet you can’t. This is how you are losing your identity. Later on if i am able to have a house of my own I have decided to put a big sign infront of my gate saying “DOGS AND KOREANS NOT ALLOWED”. These are the guys who are selling Manipur. If you are in Delhi or Bangalore, You go and talk to any of the Manipuri Koreans they will act as if they are not from Manipur. This is why I hate them so much. Whatever you F@#*&%$ do don’t you guys forget where you are from. One more thing I have noticed is that they always seem to have a negative attitude towards life and they are very defensive as well. As if they have a huge complex. I am not sure if it is Inferiority comlex or superiority complex.

  23. Goddamn…. Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood (Korea) seems to all be screwing up someone or the other…. GET OVER IT… you got 70 years to live… LIVE and Have Fun and then DIE!!!!!

  24. Love and sacrifising for love is a common theme for most of the romantic movie be is Hollywood or Bollywood or Korean. What it has to do with corrupting the mind of the youth. How do you see idolising Rainbi is bad and idolising Sharuk Khan is good. THE interpretation of your writing seems so!! Infact I am myself no longer youth, but I fell for Korean movie. Infact my favourite actress is a Korean actress. There are some movie which I watched several times. First, it has to do with the quality of the movie. Second, it naturally go along with the minds of the people. Remember, nobody, no Korean missionary, or educationist came and tell us ‘watch the Korean movie’ or ‘adopt the Korean culture’. It just came as natural. Adopting a hairstyle or dresses is Ok! Whats the harm! in being fashinable and stylish. But yes it should not be at the cost of our own. some movie or wearing some dresses or idolising Rainbi will surely not amount to loss of our Meitie culture: or wearing Phanek, worshiping Sanamahi! I dont know why I feel Watching Korean Movie or Korean Drama is much better and adjusting than watching Hindi movie or Hindi serial!

  25. if we assumed that korean movie are polluting our culture and tradition, i think it will be inappropriate becoz our culture ,religion ……are already contaminated from the period of sanidas ,the culture,religion,tradition which we are thinking as our own (meetei)are in fact a mixture of vaishnavism and pure meetei culture… its better not to conclude that our own culture is in thread with coming of this korean tread………its like saying “angraji( english) tamladi mangee” in 30-40′

    its better open our eye,and see the world ….a world beyong the masala bollywood!!!

  26. Its our own personal choice so lets leave it to individuals and lets not ask someone to comply. And lets not draw conclusion that we are loosing out our identity by watching korean movies or dramas. There are so many good things we can learn from them as well. So lets not argue here, becoming keyboard warriors and discussing whose culture is better. Peace

  27. I believe the KOREAN movies that they watch are all “Pirated ones”.

    Also, I hope for a TOMORROW , when “MANIPURI STYLE” ( not meitei style in particular) will prevail !

  28. ” I love the way how they wear , live , struggle & lot more. It has no sign of effect that may or can affect to youth. The only thing is, its depend on individual mindset of thinking & capability to adapt to a new situation or environment. I am talking about individual self control system. Doesn,t matter How far we are acting or imitating like an American or Korean or Mumbaikar or Bangalorean, value of the life concern more on this regards.

    Talking about the disadvantages that may cause by this huge effect, to the vast youth, We can considered the wrong utilisation of Value & Time.” Use the value in need time….?????

  29. What is the issue? If I see Hollywood film and imitating American style what is your business? Do your business (produce batter Manipuri film).You may also do hair cut like the hair cut of “rain”, if you like and if you don’t like please keep silent. Why other person should follow your advice. Youthful is event full. They want anything which is attracted by people. It has got nothing wrong. They will attract anything come a Crosse in their life. After all entertainment is entertainment.

    If this type of mentality people joins Naharon, definitely he will shoot youths for imitating hair cut.
    Please, it is batter look after to your house today meal is ready or not? If ready look for tomorrow’s meal. Today’s Manipur society, there are many home work need to do. Do home work first and social work later. We are poor. We ourselves are responsible for that. Wrong time wrong thoughts will reason wrong output.
    Today’s world, people are moving forward. Equally our youths are also do not want lagging behind and don’t want control by out dated elders.

  30. I think everyone should remember that everyone knows what is right and what is wrong. We are now in time where individual preferences score above anything. Its not The Korean , its the change one desires. Is there a limit to originality? who defined it? Change is constant and i dont think its going to relegate the indigenous one.

  31. The Impact of the Korean Films on the Manipuri Youth is so much that they tend to forget their origin. I also do watch Korean movies and enjoy it and I am sure a lot of my friends do watch and enjoy Korean Movies. I am also aware of the Korean Wave in the west. That doesn’t mean that we should start acting, dressing and talking like them. As all of you will agree Korean movies has impacted a lot of our school going kids. I don’t say its not good to learn and explore different cultures. But, always know where to draw the line. To all the wannabe Koreans, a request from my side be what you are PLEASE don’t try be become someone else. What you are is a Manipuri and you will be a Manipuri. Neither the Hair style, nor the dresses will change that.

  32. Yes, Its is obvious that we manipuris are immitating like the Korean superstars. The reason behind that is that ” our insurgensy group have already banned , not to watch Hindi movies and not to immitated them.
    And moreover, most korean movies and soaps are nearly alike with our cultures and behaviour. As of now, we have no option to watch any other movies rather than local movies and korean. May be i should say that it is depend upon the individual mindset to follow their our life and responsibilities. It is not because of neither Korean nor Hindi.
    The thing is we must expose and update in every aspect of global happening.
    We shouldn,t isolated from the vast world.
    But atleast we should respect and consider our culture as more valuable than any other…………………….

  33. well written or rather a thought provoking article..
    its not that i despise anything korean..
    i even prefer to see the youths follow the korean way than the bollywood style but not to the extent of even giving up our own culture or ethos which can be conspicuosly seen in todays youth a reality check is what we need now.. afterall, our own Manipuri style does fall any inferior compared to theirs..
    btw i feel japanese films carry a stronger message than what the korean ones do..
    and one funny incident was oneday a friend sent me an sms where the last word was “Anyong”.. i got a bit confused n then opened up my oxford mini dictionary where it was nowhere to be found.. then i asked her what she meant by the word.. she told me it was Goodbye, the korean way.. i breathed heavily n said to myself wtf////

    • i agree with Mr Loktak… Korean culture is very popular in our society now… But whatever is good and nice for them doesnt neccessarily mean the same for us… The point on Japanese film was very apt… The thing is that we should we proud of what we really are… We dont need to follow others culture to make ourselves feel complete… We can just see the good things in them and assimilate them in our daily lives… Also I believe people in our society have to wake up.. Not watch these movies …they are good for past time…But you dont learn much from them…

  34. We have heard of traitors in every sphere of life. Here, there is another example of being traitors and these very people when they grow up will not identify with the milieu of their immediate neighbours and sell off the nation to anyone who have influenced their lives. We are unfortunate to have such dialogues amongst us. We have to shout ourselves as Meitei and different from the Aryan stock. Our present generation is so shaky and harbour a very high level of inferiority complex vis – a – vis the Mayangs, who never talk of such things that differentiate us from them. They rather do, while we cower in the darkness of the niche we have created for ourselves. Upai Leitre…

  35. Too frustrated ! because Hanjabam Aruna Sharma is Indian Meetei, means Aryan converted Meetei. “It is so obvious to state that many young people would love to have a hair cut of “rain” instead of Shah Rukh khan. As a result, we can say that many youth do follow the trend of Korean film actors and actress” No! youths do not follow the trend of Korean film actors and actress. But they are looking for suitable hair cut. Because Korean and Meetei are mongoloid but Shah Rukh Khan is not.
    Writer should know that Korean and Meetei have silitarity in arts & culture and traditions, for example, Pansori !

    • exactly.
      it wasn’t long time ago when we used to hear “maadi mayaang maanbaney, phajeiko”. being an indian doesn’t mean that you have to have a hair cut of one shaharukh khanna.
      the word ‘manipuri’ itself is not meetei. ‘poploodevi’ is also not meetei. ‘aruna sharma’ isn’t meetei either. no offense, but honestly we understand that bhamons have more mayaang like features and are more pro-mayaang in their thoughts and actions. i don’t despise mayaangs though.
      i never knew korean movies lovers are traitors.
      los angeles is the latest ‘victim’ of korean wave 😉

  36. i am sorry to say, but the author seems to be too frustrated with things related to korean. why the noise? let the people admire what they fondly love to.
    “The deterioration of the behaviour of today’s youth is indirectly related to watching of Korean film”. huh? how did you conclude on that? ironically, you don’t have a meitei name when you are a ‘meitei’.


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