KSA deplores highway blockade


IMPHAL, Sep 1: The Kangleipak Students’ Association (KSA) has termed the two national highways, NH-39 and NH-53 as mere “gateways” rather than lifelines of the state.

A statement of the KSA stated that the people of the state have been withstanding the miseries and sufferings of the months longs economic blockade imposed by UNC and ANSAM on both the national highways and so the national highways should be rightly called as “gateways” connecting Manipur with other states rather than the lifelines which feed the people of the state.

The Naga organizations have been using the national highways as easy tools for making their demands without having much consideration for the 25 lakhs people of the state. The blockade has caused untold miseries to the people of Manipur for the last many months. The people are facing acute shortage of essential commodities including food and petroleum products, it said.

The statement further maintained that the Central Government has been following some sort of “divide and rule” policy in the state by letting some organizations do whatever they like. The people of the state want peaceful co-existence of all communities rather having feelings of enmity and hatred amongst fellow brothers, it asserted.


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