Kuki chiefs

    IMPHAL, September 19: The Kuki Chiefs Association Kana Area (Sajiktampak Area) of Chandel District, Manipur in a press release has expressed its desire to draw the attention of the concerned Government Authority in regards to the transportation bottleneck faced by the locality of its Jurisdiction.
    In the release issued by the Kana Area Kuki Chiefs Association (KAKCA), the Chairman of the KAKCA has stated that the road between the Chakpikarong, the Head Quarters of the said area and Sajiktampak, which is a distance of 12 Kms is now in very bad shape except for the road from Chakpikarong to Kringkhu Village  The release has also mentioned that the road side drainage system of the road needs immediate repairing alongwith an immediate repairing requirement of the ‘Brialy’ steel bridge over the Kana River at Gelngai Village which is dilapidated preventing vehicles from plying on it for the past two weeks. Due to the aforesaid condition of the bridge, government agencies including security forces faces acute transportation problems in the area. The Chairman, KAKCA has requested the concerned authority to kindly give an immediate attention and redress the grievances of the locality in public interest the statement added.



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