Nagaland employees questions on government statement


KOHIMA, SEPT 6: Nagaland Senior Government Employees Welfare Association (NSGEWA) said the Naga political movement was a democratic movement for “sovereignty and not for insurgency movement” as termed by the state government of Nagaland.
In a statement on Monday, Medoselhou, NSGEWA press secretary, disclosed that state government of Nagaland in its counter affidavit filed in Supreme Court (SC) in connection with the Special Leave Petition of NSGEWA, said “the frustration amongst the Educated Unemployed Youth had reached alarming rate and to vent their frustration they had started joining various insurgency groups.”
In this, the NSGEWA questioned the Government’s motive and wanted to know whether the people particularly the “Educated Youth” were joining the underground groups due to “frustrations for employment and not for the National cause.”
“Whether esteemed Naga citizens can agree with the statement of the state government that our Educated youth are joining underground group due to frustration for employment and not for political consciousness?”, asked NSGEWA.
Saying that Naga political movement was a democratic movement for sovereignty and not for insurgency movement, Medoselhou asserted that the government had “demeaned the Naga political movement and the underground government.” Because, he explained, their movement could not be termed as “insurgency groups.”
Stating that such stand of the government was highly ‘unacceptable,” the NSGEWA press secretary pointed out that the people who joined the underground movement were “patriots and not insurgents” as alleged by the state government in their “affidavit.” Because these people who had taken decision to join underground knew very well the hardships and difficulties they were to endure but they had the determination and conviction to sacrifice at the altar of the “Nation’s Sovereignty,” he averred.
“Therefore, the state government in no case compares the Naga political movement with a mere case of matters of unemployment problem,” he said adding, “case just for the sake of winning the case, this has a far reaching and serious consequences for it is highly misleading and for far from truth.”
The NSGEWA said,” If Naga political movement which has recognition of the government of India as a unique political issue can correspondence with a mere unemployment problem in the state by the state government in the Supreme Court, can (any) one hope the Supreme Court bring solution to the Indo-Naga problems?”


  1. Dear Sir,
    The insurgency in Nagaland could not be solved, until and unless the minds and views will change of the ordinary naga people.All the ordinary people are very good people , but the leaders of Nscn and such organisation and political parties leadership is not willing to solve these insurgency problem. all these leaders were taught to nagas that in Nagaland everything is sufficent ,money material and management . Actually the money is not sufficient for the govt.expenditure and to have allotted by thecentral govt in time to time for the welfare of the state . As the nagaland is one of the stae of India. All the Nagas should think that the people from outside Nagaland working in govt. or private not came there for their poverty but a courage to work in any part of the country and world’
    The senior citizen forum of the political party and the NSCN shoud direct the educated youths to find out the job in public and ,private sector . and in differnt govt. jobs outside the Nagaland in India and the Gulf countries for the better ecconomic upliftment of nagaland.In gulf countries the Philiphines working everybody accepted. The nagas and the philiphenies by appearance almost same.But no nagas are found in these countries.. Wake up the NSF members and make a mind to work outside the Nagaland state, within few years the insurgency in Nagaland will disappear. Praying for a peaceful Nagaland .


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