Police trainees unhappy with Pangei school facilities


Source: Imphal Free Press

IMPHAL, Sep 15: The Manipur Police Training School, Pangei which houses newly recruited personnel of Manipur Rifles, police commandos, Indian Reserve Battalion, etc. has thoroughly failed to maintain a hygienic and good atmosphere for the trainees, according to the trainees.

The school which was established in the year 1967 and which houses around 40 companies of trainees currently has failed to modernize and update itself.

The present crop of trainees stationed at the school, while talking to media persons have put forward their complaints and have fervently appealed to the concern authorities to look into their problems.

While showing their dissent on various aspects of the school, the trainees have complained that there has been no electricity in the school for around a year and as such the trainees have to provide alternatives like candles and lanterns for themselves.

Among the various complaints that the trainees have brought up, unhygienic toilets of the school was among the most prominent. They have asserted that the school authorities have failed to provide hygienic and clean toilets in the school, which have made their life difficult.

Another complaint was the inadequate numbers of bed-stead provided to the trainees. The trainees complained that due to inadequate numbers of bed-stead provided to them, many of them had to sleep on the ground itself, and due to the coming monsoon a lot of them had fallen sick while sleeping on the ground. 

Furthermore, they have also complained of the kitchen in the school. They have claimed that although the school has nine kitchens, the unclean state of the kitchens has made eating in the kitchen all the more unhygienic.

The school authorities have also failed to maintain the black topping of the main road which is full of pot holes as the black toppings of the road have already worn off.

Since the drainage system along the main road has not been properly maintained and since there are no footpaths running along the road walking on the road in monsoons without getting splashed by the coming vehicles has become somewhat impossible.

Citing all the stated problems, the trainees have appealed to the concern authorities to look into the problems which are creating problems for the personnel who after leaving the school will be dedicating themselves to safeguard the people of the state.


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