Questionable Open Sale


The state of affairs has never been this shoddy. As usual, the whistle blowers seem to get their way out forking all and sundry for their selfish gains. It is evil to imagine a day when the public will feel their votes have been meaningful as such a day perhaps will never come. The Manipur we all know now or rather what the youths now know is more of a delicious meat torn with violence, marinated in corruption, fried in hate and sprinkled with garbage. Whatever happened to the sobriquet that was once given to the state – God only knows! The state is not deprived of resources; as compared to the other states in the region we are far better in terms of location, weather, produces etc. We just don’t know what to do with our resources. And our leaders have always been around to promise and never to really see the execution of their promises. Or to rightfully put it, they have never allowed us to see the effect in full. While the cacophony of mismanagement rings in everyone’s ear, it is no surprise to see the JAC culture only gaining more fame. The state’s management is in utter chaos. The state’s talented youths are left to catch the next flight out of the city (roads are too dangerous with the recent NH-39 blockade). The ones left behind are left to the gun and JAC culture. This definitely isn’t what we want the next generation to pursue. Or is it?

The ongoing blockade has left the entire state in a mess. It is truly amazing how we have reached this far. While it may be true that the Center may play a hide and seek attention, it is here where they have left the elected few to run the show. And run the show they sure do! Commodities are not out of stock, they are simply out of reach for the common man. Well, unless the common man leaves his sanity behind and comes prepared to pay twice the amount or more for everything he wishes to purchase. Money power is truly well displayed in the state.

There seems to be no respite for the public from the economic blockade called by the Naga organizations. Looking back at the last couple of months, the overall situation in the state still remains a status quo and we are all suffering as much. The prices of essential commodities which had spiraled out of control still remain today. But what about the open sale of fuel as promised by the state government; we all breathed a sigh of relief when the announcement came in the early part of August. The price of petrol sold in the black market came down to Rs.60 from 80/90 per litre for a few days. The open sale which was also distributed by specific pumps closed sales at midday mostly and the queues dispersed peacefully in the hope that there will be plenty of fuel for everyone to go around. Alas, that hope never emerged in reality. There is no free flow of petrol in the state for the common man. But, the availability of fuel in the black market have gone up and they are the ones holding the real open sale.

Times like these have only hardened the layman. Such is when we tell our children to study hard and do well in studies so that we can send them far away from all the corruption and violence even if it means not seeing them for long periods. The public have hardened in emotions which have led to more anger and anguish in general. From education and food to transport, living here is now truly taking a chance with our lives. The basic amenities which we used to enjoy are being deprived of, scope of development is no longer limited but rare. The stock of goods however is not limited but caged. Caged to the highest bidder with good connections or to the one with the fattest wad of notes. A lot of thoughts can be poured out in the same light. However, one has to make arrangements for someone to queue for fuel so we get enough to run around to attend to the many more promises our leaders will make (which by the way will probably never see the light of day).


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