Sharmila indisposed, security up


Imphal, Sep 21: Concerned over the present weak health condition of Irom Chanu Sharmila who has been on a fasting agitation nearly for a decade demanding total repeal of the AFSPA, the State Home department has instructed all state police personnel to remain on alert to prevent any uproar over the matter from the supporters of the hunger striker.
According to an official source, Irom Sharmila, who is also known as Iron Lady and is the recipient of several awards for her struggle for the repeal of the AFSPA from the state, has been under judicial custody and is being looked after specially by doctors till today. Medical reports are submitted to the concerned head of department on the condition of the striker frequently and the same report of health condition is also conveyed to the MHA every day by the state government.
The source said the report of the state Home department mentioning the sudden weakness of Irom Chanu Sharmila had been sent to the Union Home ministry creating serious concern. As a matter of fact, the MHA has instructed the state government to take up special security measures to prevent any untoward incidents in the state if Irom Sharmila’s condition deteriorates.
The official source further said that in compliance to the recent directives of the Union Home ministry the state police department has initiated special security measures in all districts of the state.
The source said special security measures were in force after directives from the Centre, in the greater Imphal areas. Strong teams of state security personnel were posted at various vulnerable points of the greater Imphal area since the past few days, it said.
The source said a strong team of state security forces led by the Dy Commandant of Ist MR/IRB along with two armed escorts of MR/IRB, 15 police constables with anti riot equipments and 5/PCs/HGs of Reserved Line Imphal had been stationed along Nagamapal road to stop and disperse any rally coming towards the bazar and Nagamapal road. A team of 15 police constables and Home Guards with anti riot equipments and W/PCs/HGS of RL/IW led by one Assistant Commandant of MR/IRB, were stationed at Khoyathong on NH 39.
Another team of 15 Police Constables/ Home Guards with anti riot equipments, 5 W/PCs, HGs of Reserved Line Imphal West led by Th Krishnatombi Singh, MPS, Dy. SP (CDO) Imphal West have been deployed at Sanjenthong Bridge and a strong team of 15 Police Constables/ Home Guards with anti riots equipments, 5 W/PCs, HGs of Reserved Line Imphal West led by the N Jatin Singh, MPS Dy. SP (Ops), Imphal west stationed at Minuthong bridge.
Furthermore, nine platoons of male CRPF/MR/IRB, one section of Mahila Company and 10 women police constables of Reserved Liine Imphal West have also been deployed already at Raj Bhavan in Imphal.
Subsequently several strong teams of security forces of both Central and state forces have also been deployed in the area of  Khongang Ani Karak, Lilashing Khongngangkhong, and importantly at the front of the General Post Office in Imphal, by a team of one Armed Platoon of  CRPF/MR/IRB and one Platoon of Mahila CRPF at the front of CM’s bungalow in Imphal to prevent entry of public etc to the CM’s bunglow and GPO.
The heavy security deployment has also been made at the general areas nearby  the Assembly Crossing.
On the other hand, all  concerned concerned OCs and and SDPOs of the outposts located in the peripheries of the greater Imphal areas and other concerned SPs of the districts police were also kept on alert round the clock by the state Home department to enable them to prevent occurance of any untoward incidents timely, the official source added.


  1. It is sad to note the knee jerk response towards greater militarization and securitization still adopted by the Manipur and Indian Administrations. If there were genuine concerns about the health of Irom Sharmila Chanu then they would instead have sought the intervention of medical experts not the military. Adding another thirty or forty armed paramilitaries to an already overmilitarized state where one in forty people are paramilitaries army personnel or police reminds me of the UK reaction to a security threat around Heathrow which involved posting tanks around the airport. It was only when the policy was ridiculed by the British Free Press that the tanks were removed within days amid protests from our military that they weren’t tanks they were APCs with mounted turrets!

    For my part when AF(SP)A is repealed and there must be some sane rational opinion among Indian Politicians who aren’t in perpetual fear of a military coup, I shall with Irom Sharmila dedicate my life to the peaceful non-violent struggle for greater democracy, development and equality with mainland India. If she is murdered while in the custody of the Indian and Manipuri State with her status continually monitored then I will do everything in my power to see that the perpetrators are brought to justice via the International Criminal Court.

    I reiterate if there is genuine concern for the health of Irom Sharmila then please bring in doctors, consultants and other health care professionals. Bringing in more military to resolve a health problem is vivid metaphor for the insane behaviour of State Officials. I would recommend the intervention of Psychiatrists for these officials but they would take the advice the wrong way.


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