The Manipuri Dreams


Dear Editor

Don’t you think that you and i are swimming in the pool? Can you dream of going near the shore to swim in the beach? Are you psychologically forced to have limited dreams? Can you dream of driving a Mercedes in the streets of Manipur? Are we destined to dream only for Tata Nano or famous Maruti 800? Are Manipuris too weak to dream for having a factory of own? Is our brains yet to developed? Are we in Palaeolithic period whose brains are famous in making stone tools? Do we need only stones to protect ourselves from extortion? If you have the answers please answer my editor. I have the answers for some questions and for other i dont know.

I have to swim only in the pool. There is no deadly sharks to eat me alive. There is lot of peoples in the beach who will ask me many questions till i get drowned. I dont wanna get drowned. Its always better to build pool inside the room or leave the land to enjoy the beach.
Does attainment of The Manipuri Dreams mean walking in the middle of the path? No. It should always be no. This middle path is totally unrelated with the doctrines of Buddhism. We are happy driving Maruti 800 which is best suited for our roads. Mercedes will put ‘another headache’ . We are not psychologically forced by anyone not to dream to own a Mercedes. It is the compatibility issue of the road. So it is self judgement which makes us happy like double scoop in a sundae with announcement of Tata’s Nano.
Therefore we are not walking in the middle path. We are not having limited dreams.
No we cannot have factories either. This Jewel of India will become Naga river. We are very concerned for this Jewel to shine forever. We are very related to the south Asian and we are happy to work abroad when the native peoples are slept. We are very calm people and is a pre-requisite for hospitality and sales industries .We are famous among these industries’ recruiters. Again we cannot invite these recruiters for dinner as our Jewel will not shine and rivers will become Naga river. Therefore, we will not see any factory in Manipur.
Regarding brain development, i dont know the answer/s. Outsiders might say, according to the law of averages, yes you are in Palaeolithic . I might account my self answer to my belonging as i believe 99 percent of my dream and perception are immensely influenced by my society. This ‘Manipuri Dreams’ is encouraging and the last stage of human development. Lets not listen, hear and see what our neighbor are doing. They are polluting their own environment with big cars which amounts are equal to our own GDP, sometimes higher.
Yours faithfully
D.S. Mayanglambam


  1. Manipur is full of self made worms. Even insecticides fail to act. Ask anyone whether he can own three cars. I have to pay the demands will be the first answer. Yes we are born with limited dream. And this resulted in limited outlook for the generation. We are happy with 50 rupees a day.

  2. DEAR MR.D.S. Mayanglambam,
    Are Manipur is too weak to dream for having a factory of own?
    Answer is very simple, Pleas keep Extortion Militants (so call son of the soil) keep one Conner. I will sow you 10 (if not 50) factories comes up within 5 years span of time. Then rest of the dreams will fulfill automatically.


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