The Peace Concert – Heralding Hope By NESF – Hyderabad

Heralding Hope - A Concert for Peace

The Peace Concert

Press Release

The North East Students’ Forum, University of Hyderabad will be organising a music concert entitled Heralding Hope: A Concert for Peace on the 9th of October, 2010 at the Open Dias, HCU campus, from 6:30 p.m. onwards. This Concert is part of the Daniel Pearl World Music Days events.

The North East Students’ Forum (estd. 2005) was established with an aim of providing a platform for the students from the North-East of India to voice their opinions as well as to organise events showcasing their talents and culture.

The concert is an effort on the part of the Forum to send out a message of peace and hope to the world. The event named “Heralding Hope” is a conscious effort of the students from different parts of the North-Eastern region of India to spread a message of peace and heralding a new hope. A tribute to all the crusaders of peace like Daniel Pearl, who was a victim of terrorism: It conveys our solidarity with those who have lost their lives and those who are still working hard to bring about peace and stability in the lives of the people in the North-Eastern region of India and the world over.

The Peace Concert will comprise of all genres of music performed by both amateurs and professionals. The main attraction of the event is the new genre of music, recently evolved in the North-East of India, which is a fusion of the folk and the western traditions.

The special attractions of the event are

  • Eminent folk singer Rewben Mangsaba and co. from Manipur: Rewben and his son has been spearheading the new wave of conserving and promoting the indigenous music of the Tangkhuls of Manipur
  • Hip-hop star Michael Sailo from Mizoram: one of the pioneers of Mizo hip-hop culture, Michael is renowned for his ability to explore the various possibilities of the Mizo language in his music

The programme is sponsored by the US Consulate, General Hyderabad.


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