Traditional Maram house opened


IMPHAL, Sep 10: Under the theme “Our Culture our Identity” a custodian of customary laws and traditional house, especially meant to preserve the fast disappearing Maram community customs and culture, was inaugurated today at Sagongbam village Senapati district the Marahangshii (Maram Morung), by Rev K Daniel in the presence of Karaipoushiba Magaimei, the oldest man of Maram and other dignitaries from Maram.

While addressing the inauguration function of Morung, a traditional house of Maram community, President Maram Student Union Phungdi said that originally many tribes had their own way of introducing its young members to social responsibility. In some community it was the Morung (bachelor dormitory) where people were educated, trained, disciplined and led toward a responsible participation in the life of the village.

Morung is not just a dormitory but is also maintained as a custodian of daily customary laws and tradition, and preserving of rich cultural heritage.

The rich Maram community culture and tradition is retained by this group of young people for preserving the same and so it is a attempt to preserve the fast disappearing custom and culture in this modern and contemporary world with the arrival of Christianity and modern education.

He further said that inaugurating this Morung in traditional style was meant to make the youths realize its importance in preserving its rich culture. And this will also serve as a museum at present and in future, he added.

The inauguration function was more enlightened by the Maram traditional folk songs and cultural shows performed by the Hangshii Kapangmei party and Marahangshii party. Those who gave speeches included Chief of Maram K. Namba, President Maram Hoho RK Peter and the chief guest, the oldest person of Maram.


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