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Trial transfers affecting education: DESAM

IMPHAL, Sep 3: The Democratic Students Alliance of Manipur has said that academic atmosphere in some colleges have been severely affected due to the recent transfer and postings of college teachers effected by the state education department on a trial basis.

A DESAM statement said the step taken up by the government to improve education sector by ordering transfer and posting of vast number of college teacher has turned out to be counter productive as such an order seriously affects academic atmosphere due to lack of teachers in some colleges.

Stating that there are only 1472 teachers in government colleges out of the requisite 1967 teachers, DESAM maintained that total shortage of college teacher at present is 495. It said the present problem of lack of teaching faculty in government colleges cannot be sort out without filling the vacant posts of 495.

Expressing deep concern over corrupt practices and politicizing transfer and postings of college teacher, DESAM statement said it was very unfortunate.

The DESAM statement further said more manpower and infrastructures development are needed in view of commencement of semester system and the increasing number of students enrolled in higher education during the past 5/6 years. State government should take up necessary action in this regard, DESAM asserted and warn that recent order of transfer and postings of college teachers has invited strike and class boycott to the students.



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