Unemployment about to touch 7 lakh mark


IMPHAL, Sep 24: The number of unemployed youths in the state according to the Directorate of Employment Exchange is about to reach the seven lakh mark, with just a few more thousands needed to reach the mark as per the records of the department of employment exchange, Government of Manipur.

According to an official release of the Directorate of Information and Public Relations, the state has 6,83,454 educated unemployed youths registered with the various exchange offices in the state till the month of August 2010.

Of the total male population of the state 4,94,456 are registered with the various employment exchanges of the state and are searching for any available government jobs while 1,88,998 of the female population in the state are registered and searching for jobs, according to the release.

Imphal West district has the most registered educated unemployed youths in the state with a total number of 2,21,025 which includes 1,53,517 males and 67,504 females. The district also tops over the other districts in the state when it comes to the separate number of males and females.
Imphal East with 72,465 males and 28,749 females registered in the district exchange office has a total of 1,01,218 educated unemployed youths registered with the district exchange office.
Another 1,04,695 educated unemployed youths are registered with the exchange office at Thoubal district. 82,792 of them are male whereas 21,903 are females.
Bishnupur has another 45,826 males and 16,056 females registered at the district exchange office, which adds up another 62,882 employed uneducated youths to the total.
Among the hill districts Churachandpur with 61,652 educated unemployed youths tops the list. The district has 45,956 male and 15,696 female educated unemployed youths.
Senapati district accounts for another 50,330 eucated unemployed youths in the state. the district has 36,397 males and 13,933 females who are educated and unsemployed.
Chandel has 25,196 educated and unemployed youths with 17,232 of them being male and the remaining 7,964 being female.
Ukhrul accounts for another 27,802 while Tamenglong with only 20,581 registered educated unemployed youths has the least number of unemployed youths among the districts.
According to a official release, Ukhrul district has 19,256 males and 8,546 females who are educated and unemployed.
Tamenglong district has 15,668 males and 4,913 females who are educated and unemployed.
The release has also added that the Special Employment Exchange for Physically handicapped persons has registered another 2354 youths for employment, with 1594 of them males and 760 females.


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