ZRO cooperation


LAMKA, Aug 4: The Zomi Re-Unification Organisation, ZRO, in a press communique stated that its Ministry of Planning and Social Development, ZRO, headquarters has envisioned a developed tribal areas in the state and is working towards this goal with the result that it is cooperating with the implementation of various developmental schemes.

The organisation maintaining it has found that some vested interest persons have compromised with the quality of works for money and at times alleged the armed organisation for their substandard works said the works assigned to person who have no love for the local populace often delayed the process and spoiled the work.

It informed persons with vested interest to refrain from the process of implementing developmental schemes in tribal areas while pointing persons with good intention of developing the areas may route through the ministry for necessary cooperation in future.

It further said the ministry shall continue to monitor such schemes and any defaulter shall be dealt with firmly.


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