AMUCO blasts govt for messy flood control and management


IMPHAL, October 20: The state government is to be blamed for the mess in handling the recent flood in various parts of the valley districts, charged KT Rahman, president All Manipur United Club Organization,AMUCO while speaking to media persons today.

While distributing relief materials to various flood affected areas he has further added that the aftermath of the flood has only aggravated with lack of medicines among the affected families, however the government seem to have forgotten the various sufferings and problems faced by the people.

He has further pointed out that there are numerous flood affected families which are yet to receive the relief materials that the state government had announced recently.

With the receding of the flood waters, things have stared to decompose which has become unbearable for the affected families, while there are numerous families whose homes have been destroyed leading them to stay with relatives, which is only aggravating the problems and sufferings of the people more.

While stating that the state government has been ignoring all these suffering and are engrossed in petty political debates to gain more political mileage, he has further appealed to the government to start providing the much needed relief materials to the affected people.

The mobile relief materials distribution team led by the AMUCO president visited ten affected areas which includes places in Kyamgei, Arapti Awang Leikai, Bashikhong, Kongba Irong (Khongman Zone IV), KC Kongpal Porompat, New Checkon, Hatta Golapatti, Lairenkabi and Iroishemba.

Meanwhile the Manipuri Student Federation has also supplied school uniforms to four children of three mainly affected houses of Arapti Awang Leikai this evening.


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