Breaking News : Union Minister of Sports ensured to deliver justice to Mrs Sarita


Sarita  went to return Arjuna Award; Union Minister of Sports ensured to deliver justice

Press release: New Delhi 1st October 2010


The Arjuna Award which Mrs Sarita Devi went to return to the Unions Sports Minister, India


Asian Games ki selection trial da namthak touduna L Sarita bu khatthahoure haibagi mayokta Saritana changsillakpa khongjanggi saruk ama oina Sarita na ngasi ARJUNA AWARD handoknaba Union Minister of Sports Dr. MS Gill gi mayumda chatkhi.

Sarita bu cover tounanaba national mediasingna mangjounana sem saduna leiramkhi. Ahanbada Dr. Gill na thoina response piramdaba adu, press coverage hourakpadagidi unnabagi ayaba piduna Sarita amasung Dr. Gill pung amarom unnakhi.

Saritana sports ki selection process ta free and fair oihanba haibasi tangai fade, free & fair oiba tarabadi playersinggi interest amasung moral wangba hengani haikhi. Sports ki lamda achumba puraktrabadi AWARD asi paiduna leibagi kannaba leite haikhibaga loinana AWARD adu handoknaba hotnakhi. Maduda Dr. Gill na mahaksu achumba touba pammi, selection gi controversy asi kupna yengsin-gani, Common Wealth Games ki opening asi hek loibaga hapta amagi manungda achumba mayek sengna puthoknaba hotnagani, AWARD asidi taha taha handokkhiganu haina yamna knna haijakhi.

Saritana Dr. Gill gi hapta adu ngaiba oina AWARD adu handoklamdana hallakkhi. Sarita na hnkhraba matungda, Dr. Gill na thoraktuna press statement pikhi. Press statement aduda Dr. Gill na mahaksu achumba pammi, Sarita gi wafam asi yamna lumna louee, yamna thuna solution ama puraknaba hotnagani haikhi.

Handakki wafam asida National & Manipur mediasingna thawai yaobiduna achumba haibadu puthoknaba hotnabiriba asibu L. Saritna eekai khumnaba ootkhi.

This PR was sent by Chongtham Thoiba, Delhi


New Delhi, Oct.1 (ANI): Ace woman boxer Laishram Sarita Devi staged a silent protest outside the residence of Union Sports Minister M.S. Gill. on Friday demanding a retrial of the Asian Games’ selection procedure for boxing, and said that she wanted to return the prestigious Arjuna Award if a fair retrial is not conducted.

Sarita Devi remained outside the residence of Union Sports Minister M.S. Gill and refused to move till she met the minister.
Devi said she wanted a trial with more transparency, and said that officials of the Indian Boxing Federation (IBF) had conspired against her to keep her name off the list.

“Whatever that has happened with me is wrong. He assured me that he will solve my issues within one week, and I fully trust him, and I think he will resolve my problem,” said Devi.

“I asked him to re-conduct the trial. I am not saying that I will get selected in the Asian Games. I just want that the fights should be conducted in front of everybody and whosoever is better will be selected,” she added.

Devi even named IBF General Secretary Muralidharan Raja as having conspired against her.

“This is like a big conspiracy which actually happened with me. I got selected in the one-month early trials and after that the trial was again conducted in Talkatora Stadium in which nobody was allowed,” said Devi.

“They conducted the trial without knowing anybody and also did scoring, but didn’t show the score to anybody. They deliberately conducted the conspiracy so as to push me out of the team, especially Muralidharan,” she added.

Meanwhile, M.S. Gill said he had asked his ministry officials to investigate the matter and promised the boxer justice.

“If somebody is having problem in the selection procedure like Sarita Devi has said -she came to me and I listened to her carefully, and I have asked my officials to check this matter because we try our best that fair selection should be there, as per me and the government,” said Gill.

Sarita Devi, a seven-times gold medallist in various international women’s boxing tournaments was honoured with the Arjuna Award in 2009.

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  1. all these controversies would not have been there only if the selection committe had done there job in broad daylight…
    L.Sarita might have won or lost in her selection match… But since she feels very strongly then let the truth come out…
    We all know that Marykom is a medal prospect so its very important that their matter be solved without any outside influences

  2. Lamentable that things which were supposed to put to rest keep going, making everyone confused. We have seen enough comments and counter-commnets on Mary and Sarita. Yes, we have sympathy with Sarita of her being not selected but happy no Mary’s selection. But we do need some discipline too. Many a time, we keep hearing indiscipline acts of sportspersons particularly from Manipur. We also need to check on this. The world is civlized and no one can fool anyone. Let us have some civlized way of dealing with things.

  3. With all due respect to the previous commentator, this is rather simple to digest. Boxing is a corrupt sport worldwide. In the West the corruption traditionally is around gambling. Sometimes a Boxer is managed by organized criminal gangs fights can be fixed to help one along their career. The points system for boxing has always been controversial. The only way to be certain of victory is to knock out your opponent for more than ten seconds or knock them down three times in a row.

    I would advise Manipuri men the commentator included not to pontificate to Manipuri women about how they should take the decisions of their men folk. One Manipuri woman against the entire patriarchal establishment that’s a difficult one to pitch. On balance I wouldn’t want to stand with the men on that one and if I were going to place a bet it would be on the sole Manipuri woman, but I’d want decent odds.

    And with respect to all the subjective objective judgement verbiage. What we have here is two world class contenders for one slot in a boxing match. This isn’t rocket science. What the rest of the world appears to be very good at and Manipur has yet to learn is you can make a fortune out of this, and not just by collecting taxes from entrepreneurs who actually know how to make money. I am sure the boxing federation has rather grubby sad reasons for holding the trials in private low publicity. And I am sure the politician is just being slimy and trying to buy some time. You people need to think bigger.

    And some honesty if you really understand boxing. We watch boxing matches not because we like to see martial skill, grace, elegance. Go watch Ras Lila if that’s what you want. Two athletes will fight until one reaches down into the broken body of the other and steals their pride lost their pride. We pay to see one human being break another in the ring. It’s not even to watch the violence. It’s to see a person pour out their soul, to see passion expend itself, to see someone prepared to go beyond the abyss. That’s what we want in the West obviously in Manipur it’s more about pen pushing getting certificates and then paying taxes to someone. Yeah you are all athletes right.

    There won’t be a fight between magnificent Mary and Sarita Devi because that would be too honest for Manipur. If you gave justice to one woman, they’d all start expecting it.

  4. Very difficult to digest … Players should keep the faith to the judgment given by a group of jury-members and the jury-members should keep their dignity to keep faith to them by the players … This should be an unbreakable reversible chain reaction between these two components.
    No one should go with his/her personal view in judgement and the judgement should be an objective not subjective …
    I love to see both the players a grand success in their life …


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