CCpur hospital in acute doctor shortage


From Kaimuanthang

Lamka Oct 29 : The acute shortage of doctors ( medical officers ) against the designated sanctioned post at Ccpur district hospital has been brought to the notice of state chief minister O Ibobi Singh by the Churachandpur District Students Union , CDSU, through a representation submitted to him yesterday according to sources.

The CDSU representation has said as per the sanctioned post there has to be 2 pediatricians, 2 surgeons , 1 radiologist yet there are none being posted to fill the said post while in another clear cases of doctor shortages 3 physicians have been sanctioned for the hospital yet only one is working to the post.

Pointing out further the CDSU`s representation said the hospital is dire need of Casualty unit with required minimum manpower of 6 medical officers , 6 staff nurses and 4 grade – IV staffs adding the power supply conditions there has also been pitiable.

It urge the CM to speed up the ongoing building construction /infrastructures as the the tardy progress indirectly affects smooth discharges of duties by the existing staffs . The memorandum was signed by the CDSU president as well the secretary.


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