Devolution of power first, Security later


Sukham Nanda
The congress party in the state have already shown its tremendous success by holding powers and muscles right from the grass roots to the top in terms of administration and political prides at the present state of Manipur.

It seem a teacherous lessons seems to have been tought by this congress led SPF ministry of the state to some of the groups of community who have strongly objected the holding of the elections to the sic District Councils of the five hill districts of the state under Manipur (Hill Areas) District Council Act (Amendment) 2008, but the state goverment however made through the ADC elections despite of banned and boycott imposed by a section of the community.

No matter how the Manipur (Hill Areas) District Council (Amendment) Act 2008 will affect to the development of the people of the hills specially the tribal people, but every submission and ommission while amending the act was done at the widoms of the members of the Hill Areas Committee of the Manipur Legislative Assembly comprises of all MLAs from Naga and Kukis, so as to restore the District Councils in every hill districts of the state which have laspses nearly a decade.

Matter is now goes normal for the state government after completion of holding election to the ADCs in every hill districts of the state, is considering for the devolution of powers to the six ADCs which are installed in five hill districts of state, and recent state cabinet meeting has also minutely discussed over reports which was submitted to the state government by the sub-committee of the Hill Areas Committee of Manipur Legislative Assembly and matter for the devolution of powers to all ADCs have been approved by the recent cabinet meeting. At this jucture for the installations of Autonmous District Councils after lifting the post of chairman of ADCs from DRDAs of concerned districts to the recently elected representative, the alledged thtreat perceptions from some hilly based under ground organisations to selectively target and eleiminate those Naga indivduals who initially did not honour the diktats of the very under groud groups for boycott of Hills District Council election and later after getting elected refused to resigned from their posts despite specific direction from this under ground group.

No doubt the matter has been well aware by the state government, and the chief O Ibobi Singh himself made an open declarations during public function held recently that, there will be comprehensive security for Naga ADC members and their will be protected at any cost by the state government.

On the other hand the recent CM declaration for the security of Naga ADC members of the state has been questioned by the rest of the non Naga ADC members with the confusion in their minds that whether the recent declaration of CM to provide security for the Naga ADC members was encouraging the members or dicouraging the non-Naga member of the ADCs. Till today there was no official report of any threats or life attempts against any of the elected Naga ADC members by any of the armed militants.

Here, it has become a common opinions for all elected members of ADCs of the hill district of the state to impart the power devolutions to the already installed ADCs of the state and let the people of the hill district fufill the long charist desires of taking up dvelopmental activities by their own elected representative which have not been witnessed since more than a decade.

Besides, it is of the opinion that, it will not be possible for the state government to provide full proof security for all elected ADC members who are more than hundred in numbers in the state, and better way to prevent any untoward incident in future to have equal treatment and transparency by the state government while sanctioning development works to each of the ADCs of the state so as to enable the ADCs to maintain a uniform and speedy developments in every parts of the hill districts of the state, and this will be the welfare that is aspecting from the state government by the hill people of the state not the politicalized schemes or development programmes.


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