Diploma course in Naturopathy opened


    IMPHAL Oct 24: Giving impetus to the upcomig trend of herbal medichine and physical theraphy in the state, the Gold Mohoar Yoga and Naturopathy Research Academy located at Warok Meitei Langol has initiated a diploma course in Naturopathy and Yogic Science for the first time in the north eastern region.
    The certificate course has been formally announced by Dr. Vasker, a naturopathy doctor and an outsourcing agent from New Delhi who visited the academy.
    Breifing mediapersons at the academy, Dr.Vasker expounded on the importance of nature cure and the prospects for employment in the health service sector. He stated that Manipur has a rich diversity in herbal flora and the diploma course initiated by the academy will go a long way in providing job oppurtunities for the trainees. Along with the diploma course, another certificate course in Spa training has also opened.


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