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Ibobi pledges technology centre for Tangkhul youth in Imphal

IMPHAL Oct 20: The chief minister of Manipur O. Ibobi Singh today inaugurated the 19 sports meet cum conference of the Tangkhul Katamnaolong at the Khuman Lampak Sports complex.

The meet was officially declared open by the chief minister after unfurling the Tangkhul Kamtamnaolong flag.
While delivering his chief guest speech, chief minister, O. Ibobi Singh, announced that the Government taking into a request for constructing a technology and information centre at Imphal for the Tangkhul students/ He assured Rs. 20 lakhs for the construction of the information centre.

The information centre will make things easier for the 10 thousand Tangkhul students scattered in different part of Imphal in terms of finding jobs and other academic needs.

Further in his speech, he mentioned that it is the burden duty of every community to preserve and uphold their culture, tradition and religions.

In order to make the future pillars of the society strong and stabalised, the youths who are considered the future pillars must be nurtured with well-rounded visions from their childhood, said the chief minister.

The chief minister too the opportunity to declare once again he shared the joy and success of the World Women Boxing Champion MC. Mary Kom has brought for the state.

Ibobi also expressed his desire to organize sports meet not just at one place but in all other parts of the state.
In his presidential speech sports minister, N. Biren, lauded the performance of the state players during the recently concluded Common Wealth Games expressing his hope that the players would continue to bring good name for the state and the country in various disciplines of sports.

The sports minister further appealed to the youths to set a vision for the future generation and asserted that the concerned department would extend all possible support in grooming sportspersons.

The sports event will conclude on October 23 moreover many other features such as conference, entertainment, cultural programme etc will take place in during the meet.

The inaugural function was also attended by MPCC secretary, Victor Keishing, principal secretary, Muivah and other prominent persons.


  1. I have to endorse upon the view of the above commentator. It looks like its a way of pleasing a community named Tangkhul. Sometimes, listening more than enough, is also a sign of weakness of the policy makers of the Govt. I mean we should do the development activities concerning all the tribes and community of Manipur, in the way it has been doing earlier, not more to one comunity or not less to another. Tangkhul themselves understands that they are getting every kind of facilities and reservations in the past and present also. But it is not the responsiblity of the Govt. to go and build their houses or make them pass if they failed in the exams. They cant keep on blaming everything to the Govt. and Govt. cant keep on acting everything just to please them. Govt. should not waste extra money and time in unnecessary things. What is the specific requirement for the Tangkhul information centre, and how far it differs if it is Manipur Information centre and what kind of new information they can collect from Tangkhul so and so Centre. Are we going to make Kabui Information Centre, Kuki Information Centre, Maring Information Centre. Huinao macha challaga leiton lekkani kannadabada.

  2. Why only tangkhul information centre??

    I can’t understand this politics..

    why not kom, paite, maring, anal, kuki…??

    and even for meiteis residing in Kwakta ….

    Again, opeining a centre in imphal won’t be the solution…. if possible, information centre should be opened in respective villages and assist local people sincerely.

    A village boy who need assistance will find it difficult to visit the said centre located in imphal just for the sake of seeking information. SO, this plan is useless.

    My suggestion would be, open “Information Centre” where employement news are updated in real time (not a big deal since internate is there but I am not aware of the situation in manipur) where villagers can seek information anytime without the need to spend time and money. Goverment can open a Student Guest house or Student lodging facility where user can stay during the time of exam or interview at nominal/free of cost.

    STudent, by producing require documents such as amid card, ID, exam centre etc. call letter, etc can book a bed or room from his own village before coming to Imphal.

    The cost of running such centres will not be that high.


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