KNO all set to demand separate administration for Kukis


From M Kaimuanthang

Lamka, Oct 30: To protect them from all forms of bondage and discrimination Kukis of the state are set to demand a sparate administration and for the purpose a high level delegation congregated at Delhi in the early part of September and as per some of the decision taken a committee will be formed at the state as well district level soon to speed up the demand.

This was stated by PS Haokip president KNO, an umbrella organisation of 15 Kuki UG splintered but reunited groups under the SoO today somehwere at Ccpur during his speech as special guest on the occassion ` In celebration of Kuki Unity `which many of the speakers termed as a culmination of dreams and for the matter a prelude to initiate a movement in the right directions for their survival.

Without Kuki state there cannot be development for the Kukis in all spheres of life, the KNO leader pointed out while adding some leaders met P Chidambaram earlier during which the importance of formation of such a state was reiterated.

He said under SoO, the KNO command 15 UG groups while stating the KNO adopted an open door policy for any other groups wiiling to come under its ambit.

Digging deeper into the Kuki history he said they dared challenge the might of even the British for the protection of their territory which was known to the Germans, Japanese and was written by Shakespear in record.

This fact has been known to the whole world alongwith the fact that the Kukis have an ancestral land questioning how will the Indian government hide this.

He said Kukis are one and the same groups of people though they are called in different names adding during the past 50 no one accepts Kukis to be their nomenclature but now many have awaken accepting and wanting to be called themselves as Kukis.

Kukis are politically unsafe and economically, socially, culturally exploited he said. Which is why today we see many child subjected to labour underage, widows and widower besides orphans and live a life diametrically opposite with the lifestyles of our grandparents who live an austere but contented life the KNO leader said.

On the occassion leaders of the KRA, KLA and KNF(S) a new entrant under the KNO addressed the gathering who all agreed on certain points. They said unity is a sine quo none for the survival of the Kukis. They said earlier they fought each other but its time to unite.


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