More organisations render support to KAMA

    IMPHAL, Oct 31: Various organizations of the Kabui community have extended their support to the demand made by the Kabui Mothers’ Association, KAMA Manipur for allotment of vendor seats to the Kabui community at the newly reconstructed women market sheds at Khwairamband Bazaar.

    In separate press releases, the Thangmeiband Kabui Women’s Organisation, the Langol Tarung Women Welfare Society, Sawombung Kabui Women’s Society, Majorkhul Women Society, Gui Gailong Development Women Society, Dimdaijang Village Women Development Assocaition, Neikanlong Women Welfare Association have all extended their support to the demand made by KAMA.

    In another press release, the Kabui Mothers’ Association, Manipur has also announced that it will be organizing a sit in protest demonstration in front of the Zeliangrong building on November 2.



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