Naga students in Delhi take out rally to demand GOI to expedite Naga peace process


Naga students in New Delhi taking out a rally to demand the Government of India to expedite the Naga peace process. The students also did a mock enactment of Army harassment of the Nagas as the rally moved. 2010-10-26 | by : IFP Photo
Naga students in New Delhi taking out a rally to demand the Government of India to expedite the Naga peace process. The students also did a mock enactment of Army harassment of the Nagas as the rally moved. 2010-10-26 | by : IFP Photo
NEW DELHI, Oct 25: The Naga students community Delhi has submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, urging him to expedite the ‘Indo-Naga peace process’, an emailed press release said.

The memorandum mentioned that, in view of the present impasse in the 2nd Indo-Naga peace process, has created an apprehension that the peace process would be derailed jeopardising the 13 years long people’s effort to bring honourable and negotiated settlement to the vexed Indo-Naga problems, thereby the Naga students community Delhi joined the urgent call to the general Naga public for ‘Mass Peace Rally’ by the Naga Hoho and Eastern Nagaland People Organisation with other Frontal Naga Civil Societies, to press upon the Government of India (GoI) to be more pragmatic and sincere in the approach towards bringing peace settlement with the Naga people at the earliest, the release said.

The release said the memorandum further urged in no uncertain term that in the last 70 rounds of political talks since August 1, 1997 between Government of India and the Nagas represented by NSCN, there has been no tangible sign of solution or strategic model of settlement from the Government of India.

It said, on the other hand, Nagas have time and again sent representation of proposals adding to the latest is in all goodwill to maintain ‘Special Federal Relationship with India.’ However, the general Naga public is regrettably beset by the lackadaisical attitude and lack of sense of urgency shown by government of India toward settling decades old problems in Indian sub-continent, it added.

All through the peace process, the territorial unification of Naga areas through recognition and respect for the rights of Nagas to live together as one people under single administrative unit has been the foremost desire of the Nagas, thus, under the former Prime Minister of India, Atal Behari Vajpayee the ‘Unique History and Situation of the Nagas’ was recognized where it laid the clear foundation of the political negotiation towards the solution to be arrived at. Yet, the Naga people fully believe that the decades old Indo-Naga problem can be solved through political negotiation and not otherwise, but GoI has constantly pursued dilly-dally tactics to derail the ongoing peace process through innumerable agents of state-sponsored-militancy and militarization of the Naga areas creating unnecessary hurdles to the peace parley, it said.

Taking cognizance of the present deadlock like situation in the political negotiation, it is imperative to doubt the sincerity of GoI towards bringing political solution, it further added.

‘Therefore, Naga students community Delhi is discontented, but to rue that Government of India has in letter and spirit failed to honour the ‘Unique History and Situation of the Nagas’ which was primary gist of the Amsterdam Joint Communique, declared on July 11, 2002’ their memoradum added.

Further, the memorandum added that, Naga students community Delhi would like to impress upon government of India that exigency of peaceful atmosphere to pave way for a successful political negotiation must be created, the trust and confidence of people in democratic system be salvaged from the current reprehensive political dealings of the country towards people’s movement.

Also, taking due recognition of continuous state-run-military problems in the Naga areas, we urge government of India to maintain ceasefire ground rules and avoid causing any impediments to the peace talks. Naga public in general and Naga students community Delhi in particular believe the timely urge to government of India for immediate resumption of the political negotiation, has come as an ardent necessity to break the present stalemate which is unwarranted in this democratic process toward fulfilling people’s voice and aspiration.

With all allegiance to Naga people movement for rights and self determination, we the Naga students’ community Delhi remorsefully marks the present situation in silent protest in the capital of India with black dresses and ribbons against government of India’s lack of political will to settle decade’s old Indo-Naga problems.

And the memorandum also demand Government of India to strengthened and expedite the Indo-Naga political talk.


  1. Even if the Nagas(?) attain freedom, their problem would never end. Nagas(?) are a never ending group and that unity amongst them would like forcing oil and water to coalesce, next to impossible. The next day they would shout that the neighboring tribe next to the last Naga(?) village is a Naga(?) tribe and so they are Nagas(?).
    Whenever one cohabits a particular topography it is bound that they are govern by some similar traits. These necessarily does not make that they are same; forget anything about cognate origin. Punjabis and Haryanvis look similar, have similar lifestyles…. but are they same? Too far an example. Let me give something very near. Take a Tangkhul and a Tangsa (I doubt if the Nagas(?) ever heard Tangsa). They term themselves as Nagas(?). I have been there in their land, seen them. Not an iota or similarity between them and the Tangkhuls. Well the Tangsas are from Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh. They started calling themselves as Nagas(?) under NSCN(IM) gun-threat.
    The whole story about Naga struggle seems such a futile exercise to me. Fought for decades for self right just to be clubbed as a ‘scheduled’ people of the land… and they are very happy in that! They dont want to term themselves as Indian, but anything free from India, they grab with both hands. Be it be free education, quota’ed job, cessed life. Phew!
    The only person gaining from this exercise is Thuingaleng Muivah. I dont think the platform called Naga(?) would ever accept the Tangkhuls ever in their domain. Just that the Tangkhuls weave clothes by their back does not qualify them to be a Naga(?) member. They are more akin to Manipuri communities than anything like Naga(?) be it Poumai, Angami, Chakhesangs (they got bad blood with Tangkhuls) et al. By the way, will anybody ever explain me the recently-created-term Naga(?)? I bet no one. It has got no past; and obviously no future.
    Lainingthou bless all.

  2. Da solution is very simple. I hereby declare that all the Nagas are granted the freedom and self determination and are welcome to packup anytime and go wherever they wish to go or stop making shity troubes…


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