Nagas rally in four hill districts seeking alternative aministrative arrangment


IMPHAL, Oct 19: Mass public rallies were held today in four hill district of the state namely Ukhrul, Senapati, Chandel and Tamenglong demanding severing of political tie with the Government of Manipur and also in support and reaffirmation of the declaration of the Naga People’s Convention (NPC) of July 1, 2010 seeking “Alternative Arrangement” for the Nagas,
In Senapati district, over a thousand rallyists turn up to take part in the rally, mainly school students including civil bodies of the area.
Rally was organized by the Naga Peoples’ Organisation (NPO) under the aegis of United Naga Council.
The rally starts from Public ground Senapati district headquarter and covered Rikhumei, Taphou (forest gate) via Poumai Church and ended at the Public ground.
A public meeting was held at the public ground where a memorandum of declaration to be submitted to the Prime Minister of India through the concerned DC was read out by the president of the NPO.
The memorandum stated that “We the Nagas in Senapati district, Manipur having established our position based upon the unmistakable fact that it is impossible to protect our right to life, land, time-honored institutions, customary practices and values under the administration of the dominant and communal Government of Manipur (GoM) and that our history with it, has clearly confirmed the harsh reality that GoM has never recognised and respected the identity and dignity of the Naga People.
It further asserted that in order to defend and preserve their identity and history, the Nagas in present state of Manipur has taken a firm political stand demanding an “Alternative Arrangement” to fill the vacuum in the Governance and administration created by their severance of all political ties with the communal GoM on July 1, 2010 at Tahzaman (Senapati).
The declaration said that “We support and reaffirmed the Naga People’s Convention declaration of July 1, 2010 seeking an “Alternative Arrangement” for the Nagas outside the state in consultation with the Naga people at the earliest time. To expedite the “Alternative Arrangement” for the Nagas outside the state of Manipur.
The memorandum was singed by M. Dili, president NPO, Dr. Hitson, president, Poumai Mesomai Me, H. Khangba, president, Thangal Union, O. Lohrii, president Mao Council, R.K Peter, president, Maram Union and Ng. Luikang, Chairman, Zelianrong Senapati Zone.
Further while addressing the gathering M. Dili, president of the NPO said by severing political tie does not mean that they making enemy with other communities but the Nagas in particular and hill people as a whole has been deprived of their rights and given step motherly treatment by the Government of Manipur in every aspect, added M. Dili.
He alleged that such step motherly treatment has been date back sine 1971 and still continuing till date.
The only remedy was to demand an “Alternative Arrangement” adding it will be the only secure way for them and the needful right. He also further appealed all the tribal people to join hands.
Placards saying “Naga and GoM solution is alternative arrangement” “Alternative Arrangement is our Rightful Demand” “We Demand Government of India for Alternative Arrangement” “Expedite Alternative Arrangement Outside the State of Manipur”, were displayed during the rally.
During the rally all business establishments remained closed besides there were no vehicular movement.
Reports said that similar declaration were made at Ukhrul, Chandel and Tamenglong district.


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